Not Paris, India Is One Of Airbnb’s Most Romantic Destinations In The World For Valentine’s Day

by Mallika Khurana
Not Paris, India Is One Of Airbnb’s Most Romantic Destinations In The World For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just another reason for people in love to celebrate togetherness and romance, becomes the theme of the week by default. Celebrating Valentine’s Day used to be about exchanging presents or flowers and going out for candlelight dinners. However, we have taken a leap forward and now we take trips with our S.O. to spend quality time with them. Will that period come again this year? This ignited Airbnb to run numbers on the last year’s data to come up with the most sought-after destination for Valentine’s Day.

Excitingly enough, Airbnb records have placed India on the list of most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day!

With exotic Airbnbs catering in the most beautiful locations of India, who needs an international trip now?

India Is The Most Romantic Destination For Valentine’s Day

Most romantic destination
Photo Credits: Airbnb/Glamping Villa

According to the latest data retrieved by Airbnb, India has officially become one of Airbnb’s most romantic destinations. It has also become a popular spot for couples on a budget. According to the statistics for 2022, Indian Airbnb hosts earned 57 million INR, collectively.

Clearly, they felt a major boom during Valentine’s week and that made a significant contribution to their annual earnings.

We have all taken trips with our loved ones at some point in our lives and the memories we make are priceless. Even when we’re not celebrating any special occasion, they become special because of the love we share and the time we spend together.

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Take a Trip With Your Loved Ones

Taking a trip together is a wonder that works for everyone. Not just your partner but a trip with girlfriends, your family or even solo is an experience you will never forget. Especially with Airbnbs available in every corner of India, you can be assured of an impeccable stay with the best of amenities.

So go ahead, book an Airbnb for that long-due trip to Kerela with your parents and embrace all that India has to offer! Plan that bachelorette in Goa and be sure to cherish those memories all life long. Treat yourself to the views of the mountains in Dharamsala. After all Valentine’s Day is not just for romance, it’s also about spending time with those you love.

Cover Image Courtesy: Airbnb/Itsy Bitsy Cabin