Not Sept 1, But Sultan AlNeyadi’s Return From The ISS Pushed To This Date In September

by Anupriya Mishra
Not Sept 1, But Sultan AlNeyadi’s Return From The ISS Pushed To This Date In September

Haven’t we all been glued to our X account (formerly Twitter) looking for all the updates related to Sultan AlNeyadi, the Emirati astronaut? Well, from his first post, after he was welcomed on the International Space Station to the first Arab spacewalk; his entire six-month journey has been full of milestones, creating history. And now, he is set to return back to Earth, however, there has been a change in his return date. Here’s all about the expected return date of this renowned Emirati astronaut.

When Is Sultan AlNeyadi Expected To Return To Earth?

It was recently revealed in a report by the National News that the date for the return journey of the UAE astronaut, Sultan AlNeyadi who is set to return to the Earth in a few day’s time, has been delayed. Yes, so now instead of Friday, he will be departing from the International Space Station on Saturday, September 2, along with three other colleagues from the Crew-6. It should be noted that the trip home will take 24 hours and they will be coming back to Earth on SpaceX Dragon capsule. Moreover, it is expected that the splash down will happen off the coast of Florida, and a delay has happened to help NASA and SpaceX adjust their flight schedule.

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The Journey Back Takes 24 Hours

This development comes after he welcomed the replacement Crew-7. This was also shared in a video by MBR Space Centre on their official account on X. In fact, the launch date for Crew-7 had also been pushed back by a day due to a change in the schedule. It should be noted that Sultan AlNeyadi has conducted more than 200 experiments during his six-month stay at the orbiting laboratory. As it happens, he made history when he became the first Arab astronaut to go on an extended space mission and also the first Arab, Muslim, and Emirati to perform a spacewalk.

After his return to earth, he will spend a few days undergoing medical tests and acclimatising to the environment before he can return to the UAE. It is expected that NASA will release the schedule for his return and splash down at a later date.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/Astro_Alneyadi (formerly Twitter)