Not Shimla, Chandigarh Is One Of The Coldest Cities Right Now With Temperatures Dipping To 6.9 Degree Celcius

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Shimla, Chandigarh Is One Of The Coldest Cities Right Now With Temperatures Dipping To 6.9 Degree Celcius

India has fully welcomed winter, giving chills to residents of every city. Everyone is enjoying the cosy vibes of the winter season in every corner of the country. While some people are shivering in cold, others are amazed by the light chills in the air. And while talking about shivering cold cities, Chandigarh has made it to this list. The temperature fell on Wednesday night and folks of the state experienced the coolest night of this year.

Chandigarh Is One Of The Coldest Cities Right Now

From 8.2°C, the temperature came down to 6.9°C on Wednesday and people finally got to experience the coldest chills of the 2022 winter season till now. Wednesday night’s temperature is usually 0.3°C more than the normal temperature, according to the India Meteorological Department. Still, Chandigarh is considered one of India’s coldest cities. It even experienced a temperature lesser than the popular hill station, Shimla.

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The Himachali hill station was at 9°C which is comparatively quite lesser than that of Chandigarh. On the other hand, the temperature in Dharamshala dropped to 6.4°C.

What Will Be The Temperature For The Next Few Days?

The IMD officials shared that the temperature on Wednesday was not supposed to drop, in fact, it was improbable to fall down for some days, according to a report by Hindustan Times. And for the maximum temperature, increased a bit from 22.6°C to 22.9°C on Thursday. Wednesday recorded the temperature at 22.6°C. Still, it was 0.6°C above the normal temperature.

It is very unlikely to see a major drop in the temperature in the next few days. It is supposed to stay about 24°C in the upcoming days. Also, the minimum temperature will stay about 8°C.

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The weather is just perfect to spend some days in solace in Chandigarh. And if you are planning to be there anytime soon, here is a Curly tales exclusive video where Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani explores the gullies of the state with Chandigarh boy Vishnu Kaushal. You will find some amazing recommendations in the city to gorge on the most delectable food here.

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