Not Snow, Toxic Foam Is Floating In Delhi’s Yamuna 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Not Snow, Toxic Foam Is Floating In Delhi’s Yamuna 

Remember the toxic form that was accumulated on the Yamuna river during the Chhath Puja celebrations in Delhi as the devotees were in the river? Well, that toxic foam is here again. The toxic foam was spotted on the river in Delhi’s ITO (Income Tax Office) area. Last month the river was declared dry and this month we can see toxic foam floating on its surface. 

Pollutants Are The Reason Behind Toxic Foam

The allowance of industrial pollutants, such as detergents flowing into the Yamuna river, is the reason for toxic foam floating on the river. It is the detergents that are used to clean dyeing industries, dhobi ghats, and households that are responsible for the toxic foam formation in the Yamuna. The number one reason is the high ammonia and phosphate content in the wastewater. As the river flows normally, detergents and organic matter get deposited in the bed of the river. The turbulence that occurs when water falls from a height is what causes the froth. 

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Cleaning Yamuna Water Using Yamuna Water

The Government had sent in 15 boats in order to clean the froth after serious concerns were raised when devotees were seen in knee-deep water during the Chhath Pooja. Also, a man was also seen spraying clean water on the surface of the river in order to clean the froth. A remarkable aspect of Delhi‘s water supply is that it depends completely on the Yamuna, and treated Yamuna water is distributed to every household’s taps and tanks. Using clean Yamuna water, the frothing Yamuna is being ‘cleaned’. 

Pic Credits : AFP


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