Now, You Can Pre-Order Inflight Meal Service On All Emirates Flights Across Europe

by Anupriya Mishra
Now, You Can Pre-Order Inflight Meal Service On All Emirates Flights Across Europe

Emirates is a Dubai-based airline and it is constantly innovating its services to ensure that the guests have an exquisite flying experience. And for this, they are constantly introducing new improvements to make the flying experience a memorable affair for the passengers. Now, they have introduced the in-flight pre-ordering service across other flights in Europe after receiving positive feedback on the UK route.

Emirates Inflight Meal Preorder Service Available Across Europe

If you have been planning to fly to Europe with Emirates, then you are in for some brilliant news as the airline recently announced that the in-flight meal preordering service is now available across Europe. Yes, this move comes after the airline received positive feedback on the initiative that was first introduced on the UK route. Now, it’s available across other European cities, including Moscow, Hamburg, Saint Petersburg, Madrid, Brussels, Warsaw, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Bologna, Dublin, and Prague. As it happens, it’s also available on the routes to and from Seychelles and Mauritius. After this, the plan is to introduce this initiative across other global routes in the following months.

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It Will Soon Be Introduced On Other Routes

Emirates Meal Preorder
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If you are wondering, this service allows passengers of business class seats to pre-select their main course. They can select the dish anywhere between 14 days to 24 hours before the flight departs From the airport so that the flyer can get their choice of meal every time they fly with the airline. As a result, this also reduces food wastage. For this purpose, passengers will be able to take a look at the on-board menu on the website or through the app of the airlines. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that Emirates prepares dishes that have been made from locally sourced ingredients. Finally, the crew on board the flight uses digital devices to view the pre-ordered selection and serve the passengers their choice of dish.

Doesn’t it sound like a great way to ensure you get the mail of a choice every time you fly with Emirates?

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