Oh Deer! In Japan’s Nara, Rain Brings Deers And Humans Together; Netizens In Awe

by Shreya Shriyan
Oh Deer! In Japan’s Nara, Rain Brings Deers And Humans Together; Netizens In Awe

Rains, in every part of the world, will always have a varied outlook. While some enjoy its peace and cool breeze, some hate the dampness and dull weather it brings. But one thing everyone can unite on is cute animal videos. Despite everyone’s varying views, this adorable video of a herd of deers, coming from Japan’s Nara city will warm your heart. 

Japan’s Nara City’s Rains Brings Deers And Humans Together

When we think of rain, most of us think of the heavy clouds, the downpours and puddles. But, after watching this viral video, that gloomy image might soon change. A video of Sika deers, a breed famously found in Japan, seeking shelter in Japan’s Nara city is winning hearts. 

In the video, a herd of deer can be seen seeking shelter from the rain in a covered area beside the road. The deer remain unfazed by several people present in the same area. One girl even sits next to them and appears to take a photo or video while the deer keep themselves dry. 

The video was posted on Twitter by Twitter user @TansuYegen. While, of course, the people and the deers in the video seemed calm, netizens couldn’t stop gushing. The video shared by the entrepreneur and author on Twitter has garnered 32 million views so far.

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Cute Deer Video Leaves Netizens Feeling Warm

Commenters rushed to the comments section to show their love for the animals. One user shared his own experience and shared an adorable photo of a child and a deer. Another Twitter user commented, “They peacefully and serenely coexist.”

But, there’s also a grim history lurking over the viral cute video. In central Japan, Nara, a city in its namesake prefecture, harbours a thriving population of wild deer that freely roam its renowned public park. 

Sadly, in 2019, multiple deer were reported to have been killed by plastic bags, making headlines. Plastic pollution in Nara and the lack of inaction to reduce it,  lead to the loss of many wildlife animals, reported NextShark. 

The Nara Park is home to Japan’s national treasure, the Sika deer, protected by law. Tourists can feed them with local Shika-senbai and rice crackers only. However, deaths in 2019  revealed that other items might be fed to the deer, reported Hindustan Times.

Experts said tourists leave food wrappers and plastic bags around the park. The deers mistake them for food and eat them too, reported Hindustan Times. 

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Nevertheless, since then, efforts have been intensified to enhance wildlife protection in the area.

Cover image courtesy: Canva (Representative image)