“Omelette Khao ₹1 Lakh Le Jao:” Insane Food Challenge Involving 31 Eggs Leaves Netizens Retching

by Tooba Shaikh
“Omelette Khao ₹1 Lakh Le Jao:” Insane Food Challenge Involving 31 Eggs Leaves Netizens Retching

The Internet is full of quirky and amazing challenges. However, ever so often, you come across an instant when the challenge takes it too far. Netizens felt something similar when they came across this omelette challenge in a video of a stall in New Delhi. The video showed the stall wala preparing an insane omelette, both because of its ingredients and because of the number of eggs the recipe used! Watch the video below!

“Omelette Khao ₹1 Lakh Le Jao:” Insane Food Challenge

The video began with the stall owner melting an entire 100-gram Amul butter pack on a pan. Then, 31 eggs are cracked in a utensil and whisked. Three more 100-gram packs of butter are then added to the pan. Then, the pan is filled to the brim with the slurry of eggs.

After a while, four pieces of bread are placed on top of the bubbling eggs. The omelette is then flipped over multiple times so that it is cooked evenly. It is topped with heaps of masala, cut into four pieces and then plated. It is then further cut into pieces and heaps of grated cheese is added.

This is not the end, an assortment of sliced onions, seekh kabab and other veggies is then added on top of this already extra bread omelette! The stall owner proceeds to say that if you manage to devour this monstrosity in under one hour, you can win ₹1 lakh!

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Netizens Left Retching At The Omelette

Netizens weren’t able to properly stomach this video because of all the unnecessary ingredients. The caption of the video stated that it had 450 grams of butter, 50 grams of cheese, and even 200 grams of paneer. All of this seemed a bit too much for Netizens to digest. Here’s what they had to say:

This Netizen is definitely an optimist and knows how to make the best of the situation.

We agree, just looking at the video it seems that we’ve gained weight!

If you’re taking this challenge on, you definitely need to be prepared for a giant hospital bill!

Of course, there is always that one culture critic who thinks the original way of doing things is lost.

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Would you accept this challenge and do you find this omelette appetising? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @ChiragBarjatya/X (Formerly, Twitter)

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