One Day, You May Taste Food Shown On TV Thanks To A New Device; MasterChef Fans, Rejoice!

The day is not too far when you'll be able to taste the food shown on TV shows all thanks to a new device in the works.

by Sanjana Shenoy
One Day, You May Taste Food Shown On TV Thanks To A New Device; MasterChef Fans, Rejoice!

If only I could take a bite of Reynold Poernomo’s wobbly coconut panna cotta or dig deep into Depinder Chhibber’s Maggi-coated Chicken 65! That’s me whispering to myself while watching MasterChef Australia, and I know you do too while watching cooking shows. Looks like the food and tech Gods just answered our wishes! Thanks to a new device in the works, we may taste food shows on TV in the near future. Here’s all about this delicious invention.

New Device In The Works Lets You Taste Food On TV In The Future

Picture Credits: Canva

According to a report by UNILAD, Professor Alan Chalmers of UK’s Warwick University is currently testing a futuristic device that may revolutionise the food industry. Chalmers stated to UNILAD about a new device that he is working on which has the capability to take the flavour makeup of any dish and recreate the same in a liquid form.

The way it works is that one can add certain recipes to their home device. And when the judge on your TV screen tastes it, you can also squirt a little and sample the dish at the same time from the comfort of your home. The flavour profile that the judges will try will have a number. Viewers at home will have to simply recreate the number on their device.

Picture Credits: Canva

Chalmers further explains the mechanics behind the same. He states that every flavour is a point in flavour taste. Using taste, aroma and mouthfeel, people can describe the flavour points. Alan Chalmers further explains that this new device will have food agency-approved chemicals. These will represent each of the components. When the chemical levels are adjusted they deliver a final liquid which could taste like shrimp cocktail, chocolate cake or even Fettuccine alfredo pasta.

Do keep in mind, unlike regular food, this wouldn’t fill you up. However, you can taste an entire three-course meal in MasterChef Australia’s service challenge, in just a few sips. Now, isn’t this fascinating? This is a glimpse into the future, but it would still take amazing tech and more time for researchers to come up with a proper device for the same. However, this is a possibility in the future.

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It Will Prevent Food Wastage; Here’s How

Picture Credits: Canva

Apart from preventing food FOMO, this futuristic device will also help curb food wastage. Customers can taste-test foods before they choose to buy them. Imagine a scenario where you are at a store and just laid your eyes on a new flavour of cookies. Instead of impulsively purchasing it with your hard-earned cash only to realise it’s not to your liking, you can scan a QR code and try the products. Once you taste it, you can decide to purchase or not purchase it.

Alan Chalmers further adds to UNILAD that this device would help shoppers to virtually try any product before they buy it. So, it’s taste before you waste, kind of a scenario.

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For fans of cooking shows like MasterChef Australia or The Great British Bake Off, this is no less than a dream come true! So, would are you waiting for this new device that lets you taste food shown on TV? We certainly are!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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