Onion Price Sees A Spike Before The Festive Season; Price Increases In Delhi & More Places

by Shreya Ghosh
Onion Price Sees A Spike Before The Festive Season; Price Increases In Delhi & More Places

Onions are such a basic necessity in most Indian kitchens. If you look at the huge variety of Indian curry recipes, most of these need this vegetable. Unfortunately, the price of this important and one of the most used ingredients is increasing. The prices are seeing a noticeable hike in some parts of India, especially just some days before the festive season. But why is there a sudden change in onion prices?

Why Are The Onion Prices Seeing A Surge All Of A Sudden?

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Every time, the cost of any most used ingredient or product increases, it impacts the pockets of each and every common person. The exact same is happening this time as the prices of onions are repeatedly recording a rise. There are several reasons that are coming into action behind the spike in onion prices. First of all, there is a shortage of enough of this vegetable in the market. Many farmers decided to sell onions to the international market as this is a better scope to earn more than local markets. This has created a bridge between consumers’ demand and proper supply in the markets, according to a report by DNA.

Another significant reason responsible for the rapid rise in onion prices ahead of the festive weeks is the long time taken for cultivation. A delay has been reported while working on the sowing process of the kharif season, according to a report by India.com. The cause behind the unfortunate delay was the weather situation. All these problems led to improper cultivation of crops this year.

Two such major reasons are believed to be the causes behind a spike in onion prices in different places in India. 1 kilogram of onion costs about ₹70-₹80 in Delhi’s retail market right now, according to a report by Business Standard. Onion cost about ₹40/ kg on October 25. In a surprising turn of events, it rose to almost twice by October 29. Delhi is getting impacted the most by the surge. Onion costs somewhere between ₹41-₹69 in other Indian states, as per the Business Standard report.

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Steps Taken By Authorities To Control The Situation:

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Common people are stressed about the fact that onions are getting so expensive. It is indeed a state of worry when something so crucial as this vegetable starts getting expensive every other day. To take control of the ongoing situation in the market, the concerned authorities and departments are releasing the buffer onions. Consumers can get their hands on these onions from the National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation and the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. They need to pay ₹25 for one kg.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is currently working with a stock of 5 lakh tonnes of buffer onions. The India.com report stated that there are plans to get 2 lakh tonnes of onions next.

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Are you also facing the issue of the increase in the onion prices? If you are not from Delhi, let us know the cost of one kg of this vegetable in markets located near your home.

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