Over 6% Indians Have Migrated Out Of India in 2020 & The Trend Continues

Indians migrating abroad
by Pratyusha Jana

Settling abroad is a dream come true for many. Well, as per Government data, many Indians are actually fulfilling their dreams of a home away from home. But is it always good news for the country? Or should we be worried about the ‘Brain Drain’? In 2021, more than 1.63 lakh Indians gave up their Indian citizenship. The last 5 years saw a high rate of emigration coupled with an alarming rate of relinquishment of Indian citizenship. And the US has been a top choice for many, as always.

Which Indians Are Most Likely To Migrate?

Historically, it is very common for educated and English-speaking Indians to migrate to ‘the west’ (mostly the US and Europe) for work and higher education. IT professionals, researchers, scientists and doctorate students are most likely to migrate. But very few of them actually get a chance to settle there. We all know Green Card or citizenship is not very easy to obtain. As per the data presented in the parliament by the Ministry of Home Affairs in July 2021, it is the High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) who are keener on relinquishing their Indian citizenship in exchange for a western one.

An image of the US flag and passport, representing that many Indians are willing to shift to this country

The U.S. Flag and Passport (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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But, Why So?

The super-wealthy Indians have all the resources available to make the most out of their life in India. So what’s going wrong?

  • Environmental Degradation: All the major Indian cities are extremely polluted in every way. And exposing your body to high levels of pollution for a long period of time can severely impact your physical and mental health.
  • Better Healthcare Facilities: Indian healthcare facilities are often overcrowded. The patient-to-doctor ratio is unreasonably low. And the pandemic has been a real eye-opener for many.
  • Educational and Work Opportunities: Not just US, Indians are now also migrating to Dubai and other top-tier cities of the world to earn in appreciating currencies. To explore the new-age higher education options, young people are also looking to travel abroad.
Moving abroad

A representative image of Indians moving to the US (Source: MaxPixels)

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Should We Be Worried?

Brain drain is worrying for a country’s economy and future. Migration of HNIs can significantly decrease a country’s human resource capital. With everything being said and done by the Government, it is high time we as Indians buckle up and make this country habitable for all.

News Source: CNBC TV 18

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons