Over Mumbaiya Chat & Misal, Yo Yo Honey Singh Shared All About His Musical Journey!

by Mallika Khurana
Over Mumbaiya Chat & Misal, Yo Yo Honey Singh Shared All About His Musical Journey!

Yo Yo Honey Singh! In our teens, this phrase was all the indication we needed to get hooked on a song. Right from Dope Shope, Angreji Beat to Blue Eyes, every Honey Singh song was a hit we all went crazy after. This Delhi boy got a lot of love and popularity for his work, but things didn’t always stay the same for him. Without letting it overpower him, he got up again to entertain the world with his tunes.

On this amazing episode of Tere Gully Mein, we met Honey Singh. As we explored the lanes of 7 bungalows with him, we got to know all about his life’s ups and downs, his love for music and food, and a lot more. If you want to know all about it too, catch the full episode!

Honey Singh Talked About His Musical Career

We met Honey Singh in Andheri and took it upon ourselves to change the popular notion that Delhi people do not love the food in Mumbai. We took him to Chandru’s Pure Ghee Sweets, a shop that won an award for serving the best chaat in Mumbai. While savouring some Mumbaiya chat, we discussed the beginning of this music career with Honey Singh.

Honey Singh shared that he used to play tabla when he was in school. He started producing music in 2011 and won a lot of awards for his production. He pursued singing with Brown Rang, which was an instant hit. After that, his success knew no bounds.

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He Talked About His Favourite Dishes

Honey Singh Tere Gully Mein
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Like every Punjabi, Honey Singh is a foodie, and we wanted to know all about his favourite foods. Sharing his love for South Indian food, he talked about Sarvana Bhavan in Delhi, where he used to go frequently for an authentic South Indian meal. He also shared that he loves Lebanese and Arabic cuisines. The most surprising revelation was his interest in cooking Portuguese chicken. Even though he didn’t reveal his recipe, he did invite us for a meal at his place.

In this episode, we discussed so much more about the highs and lows of his life, his struggle with depression, and his will to conquer it all. Watch the episode to learn about all of it.

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