Pakistan To Auction 12 Lions In Zoo Due To Lack Of Money To Feed Them

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pakistan To Auction 12 Lions In Zoo Due To Lack Of Money To Feed Them

Pakistan’s Lahore Zoo is auctioning off 12 lions to private collectors due to a lack of money to feed them and space to house them. Lahore Safari Zoo currently has so many big cats that their lions and tigers have to take turns accessing paddocks. Auctioning them will free up space in the zoo and also reduce expenses to feed them large quantities of meat. Read on to know more.

Pakistan To Auction Lions In Lahore Zoo

According to AFP Lahore Safari Zoo is currently housing 29 lions. Officials plan to auction 12 of them on August 11. The lions auctioned will be between two to five years of age. But since they will be auctioned to private collectors instead of transferring to other zoos, this move is meeting opposition from conservationists. Lions and tigers are often kept as pets by wealthy Pakistanis.

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Lions To Be Auctioned To Private Collectors

It’s a status symbol. They are later used as props for movies and photoshoots shoots. Pakistan zoo officials estimate that each big cat will fetch around 150,000 Pakistan rupees ( 53,015). But only registered buyers can be part of this auction. As they need to prove to authorities that they have given proper care and shelter to the big cats. Back home in India, head to Tadoba National Park-The Tiger Capital of India.