Pakistan Travel Restrictions: WHO Extends Ban For 3 Months Amid Polio Breakout; See Advisory

by Tooba Shaikh
Pakistan Travel Restrictions: WHO Extends Ban For 3 Months Amid Polio Breakout; See Advisory

In a recent meeting convened by the Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization or the WHO, the travel ban has been extended for another three months. This is because of the outbreak of Poliovirus that the country is currently witnessing. While authorities in Pakistan are attempting to curb it, their efforts have been deemed inadequate. Here are all the details about the advisory for Pakistan travel that the WHO issued amid this new health crisis.

Pakistan Travel Restrictions: WHO Extends Ban

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This particular travel ban results from the increasing number of cases surfacing in the country. The Emergency Committee of the WHO recently convened a meeting on the 2005 International Health Regulations. It regulates and monitors the spread of the polio virus worldwide.

This decision to extend the travel ban was taken during this meeting. According to an article recently published in the mid-day, the committee discussed the country’s attempts as well as shortcomings in effectively addressing and ending the outbreak of the virus.

Cities like Karachi and Peshawar are especially at risk, as per an article by News24. The committee also highlighted that since the last meeting, the total number of cases of Wild Poliovirus Type 1 detected in Pakistan is two and in Afghanistan is five. 

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Vaccine Advisory For & Regulations

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The two cases detected in Pakistan were both in the Bannu district of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. As per the advisory issued by the WHO, all travellers must be fully vaccinated against the Poliovirus. Further, if residents and long-term guests are required to get an additional dose of OPV or IPV.

OPV stands for oral polio vaccine and IPV stands for inactivated polio vaccine. Long-term guests are those who are staying in the affected region for four weeks to 12 months. These are the people required to take additional vaccines.

If you are travelling to Pakistan in the near future, it is advised that you practice vigilance and take all the precautions necessary.

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