This 99-Yr Old-‘Phuppi’ From Mumbai Is Preparing Food For Migrants

by Natasha Monteiro
This 99-Yr Old-‘Phuppi’ From Mumbai Is Preparing Food For Migrants

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Kindness and humanity have no age bar and the proof of that is in the fact that a 99 year old woman from Mumbai prepares food for migrant workers daily, so that they can have some meals and a packet of wholesome kindness as they journey their way to their hometown.

99 Year Old Mumbai Woman Prepares Food For Migrants Daily

The whole world is gripped by a pandemic. India is now the 7th worst hot country. With businesses, factories & borders shut down, the migrant workers from India have been hit particularly hard and their condition is pitiable as they journey across thousands of kilometres to get back to their home towns. While a lot of us sit in the comfort of our homes and only watch the news and feel pity, there are others out there who are making a difference. One such incident was recently tweeted by a man named Zahid F Ebrahim. He shared a video and spoke about his 99 year old aunty who was seen hand wrapping food packets that were to be distributed to migrant workers.

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Zahid’s tweet went absolutely viral, with people showing love from all across the world with almost 500k views. A lot of love was also showered from Pakistan with tweets coming in that said, “You are in Karachi and she is in Bombay. Amazing to see how the two countries are tied together. Wish we all could visit each other easily too ! Would love to take my Dad back to the place he spent his childhood :) Thanks for sharing this.”

Another tweet said, “She deserves a big round of applause as she has shown love n kindness for the needy out there. As such an age Granny you are more than inspiration. Stay safe n strong. Stay blessed…. I pray ppl see more n more smiles on your beautiful face.”

While Zahid’s 99 year old phuppi was unaware of how viral she’d become, once her nephew informed her of the love she’s getting, she had the cutest response.

How adorable is that? We hope this also encourages you to do or continue doing a small gesture of kindness in these tough times.