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Palash Sen
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When it comes to attractive doctors, this man has both the cake and the frosting. As this doctor is a rock star too. Palash Sen is a member of the well-known band Euphoria and has worked in movies too. Get to know Palash Sen, a physician, actor, and rock star, in this episode of Tere Gully Mein. The singer shares his favourite memories from this eatery during his college days with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Read to know more about this fiery conversation!

Exploring Eateries In CP With Palash Sen

Even though everyone prefers ghar ka khana, Delhi has proved to be an intense competition when it comes to eateries. While going through the gullies of Connaught Place, Palash Sen shares how the only place he used to go in Connaught Place was Nirula’s. While Palash thinks it has shut down, but it hasn’t. The CP one, which is their flagship outlet and is deemed iconic has shifted address, bang opposite to where it used to be. Nirula’s was popular during his time and still is mainly due to fast food. Since there were no McDonald’s or Domino’s during that time, it was Palash’s go-to place.

He says,”Pizzas and burgers were not freely available, so that was the main thing. Lime ice cream soda was my favourite. The iconic thing is that there was hot chocolate fudge. You will still find it in other outlets.” While the singer cherished on big boy burger and the maha burger with a single and double patty, did you know there’s something called mutton pizza? Well, that one is unusual for us too. Palash tells us how the mutton pizza will make you go, Mama mia! Kamiya couldn’t wait to try her hands on this recommendation. When are you planning to?

The Singer’s Connection To His School

Palash Sen

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Palash Sen owes everything he learned to St. Columba’s School, Ashok Place, which he attended to study. Sen enjoyed acting, dancing, singing, and debating. Even his family encouraged his preference for the performing arts. Nevertheless, he eventually decided to pursue medicine as he comes from a family of a 17th generation of doctors. Palash never had any doubts about what he wanted to be. Despite his desire to become a doctor, music remained an essential aspect of his life. For their albums and singles, including Maeri, Khwamkhaa, Mehfuz, and others, Euphoria achieved international popularity.

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