Parents, Visiting Schools In Sharjah? Green Pass Is Mandatory

by Ishita Agarwal
Parents, Visiting Schools In Sharjah? Green Pass Is Mandatory

On Thursday, authorities of Sharjah announced that parents who want to visit their kids’ schools and educational institutions must have green passes on their Al Hosn App. These measures are essential to ensure safety in Sharjah schools. However, the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) also announced other COVID measures for private and public schools. Read on to know about these updated measures for schools in Sharjah. 

How To Determine Green Pass For Schools In Sharjah? 

After a person has taken a PCR test and shows a negative result, the pass turns green. The status stays green for people vaccinated for thirty days. But it only lasts for seven days for those who are unvaccinated.  


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What Are The Other Updated Rules To Prevent COVID-19? 

All students, employees, and visitors entering the school are not required to wear face masks in enclosed or open spaces. However, it remains necessary for suspected Covid-19 cases until a negative PCR is shown. Moreover, people suffering from COVID-19 undergo confirmed isolation for only 5 days. 

Close contacts no longer need to be quarantined. PCR tests become necessary only when COVID-related symptoms are shown. The normal procedures for disinfecting, sanitising, and cleaning the premises will continue in schools and educational institutions.  

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Wearing Masks Is No Longer Mandatory In Public Spaces 

Students and instructors in the UAE reported to classes without masks for the first time after the pandemic. Also, they are free to embrace loved ones in open spaces. Sounds good to be back to normalcy, right? 

The wearing of masks is no longer required in any public areas in the UAE, with the exception of hospitals, mosques, and public transportation, as part of the extensive measures taken to prevent COVID-19. 

Green Pass Is Mandatory
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So, folks in the UAE, make sure you have Al Hosn App with a green pass mark on it. A green pass is also mandatory to enter recreational places like hotels, tourist attractions and malls. 

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