Go Meet The African Wildlife As Sharjah Safari’s Reopening From September 21

by Ishita Agarwal
Go Meet The African Wildlife As Sharjah Safari’s Reopening From September 21

After closing for the summer, Sharjah Safari, which initially opened in February, will resume from September 21. The sprawling wildlife attraction is situated in the Al Bridi Nature Reserve in Al Dhaid in Sharjah and spans across an area of eight square kilometres. So, get ready to meet the African wildlife outside Africa. From September 21, you will witness the fantastic wildlife tour in the lap of nature. 

Sharjah To Become An Ecological Tourist Destination 

The goal of Sharjah Safari is to provide guests with an unforgettable adventure that will allow them to learn about the African culture, history and wildlife. Furthermore, learn about the fascinating ecosystem of the Kalahari Desert. Nature abounds in this setting with birds, antelopes, and gazelles as seen in Africa’s Kalahari Desert. 

Kalahari desert is a dry, sandy terrain that spans across three different Southern African nations, Botswana, parts of South Africa and Namibia. Despite its lack of water, this area is home to animals that rely on the rainy season.

And this unique safari simply replicates that and has many delightful attractions. 


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Plan Your Holiday To Explore The African Wildlife 

Sharjah Safari now has 12 unique ecosystems, each of which invites guests to learn about the continent of Africa via close encounters with its animals and avifauna. Furthermore, there are around 50,000 animals there, representing 120 different kinds of African animals, including many that are critically endangered. 

They have planted 100,000 African Acacia trees, comprising native and African varieties, which visitors may explore while also seeing animals being cared for. Sounds surreal, right? 


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Pack your bags and camera to click amazing pictures of wildlife animals at Sharjah Safari. Mark September 21 in your calendars and start planning your trip to Sharjah Safari. Let us know how excited you guys are to experience this unique adventure. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash