World’s Largest Safari Outside Africa Is In Sharjah

by Deeplata Garde
World’s Largest Safari Outside Africa Is In Sharjah

No one has ever done such a good job of recreating an animal’s native environment in an urban setting.  It’s been dubbed the world’s largest safari park outside of Africa in Sharjah. The huge animal attraction nestles in Al Bridi Nature Reserve in the city of Al Dhaid. The Sharjah park encompasses an area of eight square kilometres.

More Than 120 Species Will Be Found At Sharjah Safari

This Safari isn’t your traditional national park. Explore the place through 12 themed environments. Every aspect depicts an African location and the life and landscape of the animals and birds that reside there. The land has been planted with over 1,000 native and African trees. You can find umbrella-shaped Acacia tortilis there. Also, be ready to check out 1,000 animals and birds.

Observe various rare African animals, including the black rhinoceros. In August of last year, Wuhaida, the first female southern white rhino, was born at Sharjah Safari. Wuhaida was born as a result of the Safari’s African native species breeding programme. This program is a result of funding from the United Nations.

Bridi, the first African female giraffe will also be available for visitors to meet. Bridi’s family arrived in Sharjah in May 2017 from South Africa.

What Are The Visiting Hours And Ticket Fare?

The safari opens from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. every day. Gold and Silver ticket holders have until 2 p.m while Bronze can stay enter till 4 p.m.


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Access to Sharjah Safari is available in a variety of ticket categories. Namely Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Children- Dh15
Advantage- Limited trail of 2-3 hr in Safari.

Advantage-With the exception of the Serengeti, you have access to all environments.

Advantage- Visitors have access to all environments. Enjoy tour in a luxury automobile and a private guide for 5-6 hr excursion.