Pay Dhs225 & Travel Unlimited Times By Bus In UAE; Here’s All You Need To Know About This Monthly Pass

by Deeplata Garde
Pay Dhs225 & Travel Unlimited Times By Bus In UAE; Here’s All You Need To Know About This Monthly Pass

Do you prefer your daily commute through public transportation in Sharjah? Well, that’s a sustainable initiative and also saves the environment from emissions. So to give you a reward for your thoughtful habit, there’s an offer that would save you some bucks while travelling. On a unique membership card, take as many bus trips as you like for one month on all city lines. Are you curious about the cost? Continue reading!

Sayer Subscription Card Will Help You Save A Lot Of Money On Bus Trips

Pic Creds: Mowsalat

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA)’s Mowasalat Buses, a bus service serving Sharjah City, is responsible for issuing the Sayer Subscription Card. In contrast to the ordinary Sayer card, which is blue in hue, the Sayer Subscription card is grey. You have 30 days to use the card whatever many times you like.

The SRTA informs you that the ticket has a five-year expiration date and that you can renew your membership each month. If you purchase the subscription card, you are able to make as many journeys as you’d like in a day, and the cost of each trip is included in the monthly pass price.

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Let’s Understand The Cost Of Bus Pass

Pic Creds: BusToLondon

According to the SRTA Call Centre, the cost of the grey card is as follows:
• Cost of the card: A one-time payment of Dh5 plus 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).

• Recharge per month: Dh225
In contrast, you may only recharge your Sayer Card for Dh45, Dh90, and Dh180 when using the normal Sayer Card. Within Sharjah city, a trip on a standard card costs Dh6.

The following are the processes for refilling your subscription card, per Mowasalat:
• Request the driver to top up your Sayer Card before boarding any Mowasalat bus.
• Paying the driver with cash or one of your cards is OK.
When you board a Mowasalat bus, the bus driver is going to offer you a Sayer card.
The card is only valid for usage on Mowasalat buses, which only run within Sharjah City. It cannot be used for SRTA-operated public transport buses that make stops on inter-emirate routes.

So grab this deal arranged by SRTA for all the commuters in Sharjah.

Cover Image Courtesy: Royal Commission for Riyadh City