People Are Choosing Hyderabad Metro To Visit Consumer Exhibition Numaish, Thanks To Cheap Tickets & Extended Timings

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
People Are Choosing Hyderabad Metro To Visit Consumer Exhibition Numaish, Thanks To Cheap Tickets & Extended Timings

A famous consumer exhibition known as  Numaish Masnut-e-Mulki or Numaish takes place every year in Hyderabad. Hundreds of people come to explore this All India Industrial exhibition at Nampally. While every year most people travel on their private vehicles to visit the exhibition and get stuck for hours in traffic, now the scenario is a bit different. People are choosing the Hyderabad metro over any other mode of transport because of its cheap fares and extended timing. 

People Travel In Hyderabad Metro To Visit Numaish

All Hyderabadis every year have to tackle a lot of traffic jams and full parking spaces to attend Numaish. Adding to these woes are the hefty fares charged by the cabs and autos. Now, people can easily travel to the expo from the comfort of the Hyderabad metro. Metro fares are 2-3 times less expensive than auto and cab fares.Many passengers travelling through the metro have a common destination, Gandhi Bhavan. This is because Numaish is just a few minutes away from Gandhi Bhavan.

In order to handle the crowds, the number of ticket counters at the Gandhi Bhavan metro station has been expanded from four to six. People are not bothered by the rush because it is the most convenient mode of transportation to the exhibition. Looking at this, the Hyderabad Metro has also extended the train services on the blue line-Nagole to Raidurg and the red line-L.B. Nagar to Miyapur. The final train departs from each terminal station at 12 am and arrives at the final location at about 1am. 

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The Launch Of NUMAISH App

A new app called NUMAISH has been released, allowing users to browse and shop, access fun zones, and stay informed about various events. The app is accessible in Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, and English, among other languages. Both visitors and exhibitors are predicted to benefit from the NUMAISH mobile application. The largest industrial exhibition, Numaish, hosts over 2200 stalls and draws between 25 and 26 lakh visitors annually. Due to security concerns, only about 1700 booths have been assigned this year.

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Where: Nampally Exhibition Grounds

When: January 1st to February 15th

Time: 3:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Ticket Price: ₹40

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