Delhiites Demand Officials To Deliver Biryani, Samosas, Pizza And More At City’s Hotspots

by Suchismita Pal
Delhiites Demand Officials To Deliver Biryani, Samosas, Pizza And More At City’s Hotspots

When it comes to lifting up our moods, delicious food always acts as a great option. Taking this to heart, some people residing in Delhi’s COVID-19 hotspots are asking officials to deliver hot samosas, chicken biryani, sweets, pizza and loads more. A clear indication that people are already too tired of living only on the ‘essentials’.

What’s Happening?

Delhi district officials are telling that they have recently received weird food requests from residents of the various containment zones of the Capital. An official working for an isolation ward in Narela has informed PTI that many people putting up at the place have put forward requests for chicken biryani and mutton. Some people in South Delhi have demanded hot samosa and pizza, as per another official. While some others have urged the officials for the delivery of sweets. Some other people in UP have called up the lockdown helpline number asking for pan and gutka as well!

Delhi's hotspots
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What Are The Responses?

In the hotspots of the pandemic, people have no permission to step out of their houses. They can order their essentials through a WhatsApp group and the authorities deliver them to their doorsteps. Keeping the situation in mind, the officials are clear that they are not in the state to cater to any ‘frivolous demands’. Amid the crisis, survival is most important. Thus, they will facilitate the delivery of only essential items like water, milk and vegetables.

Delhi's hotspots
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A man in Rampur, UP was repeatedly calling up the DM office helpline for hot samosas. He had to even clean the drains as a punishment.

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Delhi has already identified 76 red zones that are worst hit by the coronavirus. What’s unnerving is that there are people residing in these zones who’ve tested positive without even showing symptoms. The confirmed cases in Delhi is nearing 1900 now, with about 43 fatalities. It’s time that we keep our fancy wishes aside for the good days, and fight the battle responsibly by sticking to the right precautions.