PIA Flight Leaves Behind 50 Umrah Pilgrims At Jeddah Airport Due To No Space On Aircraft

The PIA flight from Jeddah to Islamabad left 50 passengers, mostly Umrah Pilgrims, stranded at the airport.

by Shreya Rathod
PIA Flight Leaves Behind 50 Umrah Pilgrims At Jeddah Airport Due To No Space On Aircraft

The Jeddah Airport witnessed the distress of 50 stranded passengers—Umrah pilgrims. They were supposed to board the Pakistan International Airline flight to Islamabad. However, the small size of the aircraft and its inadequate capacity forced the passengers to stay at the airport waiting for assistance.

50 Umrah Pilgrims Left Stranded At Jeddah Airport

pia flight umrah pilgrims
Credits: Wikimedia

The small size of the aircraft on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Jeddah to Islamabad has left 50 passengers stuck at Jeddah Airport. Stuck at the airport, these travellers deal with challenges and uncertainty while they wait for help. They expressed their dismay and displeasure over the uncomfortable condition they had been left in. Further, they urged the higher authorities for assistance immediately.

Reportedly, the primary cause was the aircraft’s constrained capacity, which left too little room for every passenger. Logistical limitations finally resulted in this unfortunate outcome, despite efforts to facilitate their boarding.

Airline Responds To The Incident

pia flight umrah pilgrims jeddah airport
Credits: Wikimedia

A PIA representative stated that the passengers were accommodated and given basic amenities in a neighbouring hotel while plans were being made for their travel to Islamabad.

The majority of the passengers aboard flight PK-942 were Umrah pilgrims. The initial plan was for the aircraft to land in Islamabad on Sunday. However, 50 people had to be left behind in Jeddah due to the aircraft’s low capacity. The spokesperson responded to the situation by promising that all of the passengers would be transported from Jeddah to Islamabad today by a special plane.

Higher authorities were called upon to intervene in response to the passengers’ delays and inconveniences. Moreover, delays were encountered on flights from Jeddah to Karachi and from Karachi to Islamabad because of irregularities in flight operations.

After many departure time adjustments, flight PK-732 from Jeddah to Karachi arrived more than four hours later than scheduled. This particular aircraft was scheduled to take flight PK-300, which was scheduled to depart Karachi and arrive in Islamabad.

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The flight was postponed due to the unavailability of the aircraft.

Cover Image Courtesy:Wikimedia

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