Pilots And Crew Narrate Horror Tales About Bengaluru Airport That Will Give You Chills

by Sanmita A
Pilots And Crew Narrate Horror Tales About Bengaluru Airport That Will Give You Chills

Do horror stories only come from the darkest and quietest of place? We couldn’t think so, after coming across a series of stories narrated by real people describing their experiences. These tales aren’t the ones that you would just laugh of, but make you think real hard. Even so, it might lead you into overthinking a situation. Well, if you aren’t one of those who could look into the eye of a ghost and stand tall, then this post isn’t for you! Here we are with stories and narratives from the famous Bengaluru airport. Pilot and staff from the airport have a lot to tell. Read on…

At Bengaluru Airport? Should You Take That Late-Night Flight?

A creepy story that remained with us, from the lots that we’ve read and heard is that of the Bengaluru airport. Pilots and crew from the airport tell that they have spotted a woman clad in white roam the airport at night a lot of times. Pilots have even spotted this woman at the Bengaluru airport runways. Imagine the pilot’s horror! Clearly, it freaked out a lot of people working at the airport during the graveyard shift. So, you might want to think twice before you head out for a midnight flight. We’re not guaranteeing a ghost spotting, but it’s best if one can avoid untoward incidents.

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How Did People React To The Spooky Tales?

People definitely were super terrified of the entire situation, when stories of midnight ghost surfaced about the Bengaluru airport. It went to the point that employees did not wish to work during the midnight hours. Well, as for the truth, it is only for the ones who’ve witnessed could tell what did they really see and what did they interact with. As for us, we are clearly not in favour of meeting ghosts anywhere – be it at any place. And, if you are the kind who loves to experience the unusual, give the midnight flights from Bengaluru airport a shot. We are sure you’ll have loads to tell.

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