Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Mumbai To Kolad

by Mrunal Mahajan
Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Mumbai To Kolad

Kolad is one of the most desired destinations for a quick weekend getaway from Mumbai. So say bye-bye to your old and cliche holiday destination and welcome Kolad which is situated on the banks of river Kundalika. Kolad is a famous spot for River Rafting and adventure sports. Now you do not have to wait for long weekend plans for some thrilling adventures. Here are some things you can do in Kolad and everything you need to know!

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How To Reach Kolad? 

A drive from Mumbai is just 3 hours and 20 minutes and while you are on that route you can enjoy the scenery and really soak into nature. You can take some undiscovered road if you want a little adventure or just stick to the fastest routes available on the Map.

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You can also take a train to Kolad from Mumbai. You can take a direct train to Ratnagiri and then reach Kolad. There are passager tarins that leave from Dadar for Ratnagiri. Here are the two trains that will take you to Kolad.

1. Diva Sawantwadi Passenger, 50105
2.Dadar Ratnagiri Passenger, 50103

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Things To Do In Kolad 

Kolad is famous for adventure sports and here you will find a lot of options. If you are an adventure Junkie them you will most definitely love this place.

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1.Kundalika River Rafting 

Near Kundalika river you will find a lot of groups that will take you river rafting. You can also prior book your river rafting packages in Kolad. The deals start from ₹ 1500 onwards or even lesser if you find a good deal. The packages also vary from each other depending on the route and boat you take. Prices shoot up on the weekends as there is a rush during holidays. The cold water of Kundalika water just makes the sport even more adventures.

2. Camping

You can camp next to the rivers in Kolad and of course Kundalika being the famous spot, camping next to it is also available. You can also book a package that includes rafting and camping combined. You will be covered with dense forest on all sides and when it gets chilly in the night, light up a bonfire and enjoy your meals next to a river.

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3. Kuda Caves Of Kolad

The caves were built long back some also believe in the early 5th century by the Buddhist people and hold historic importance. There are in total of 13 caves in Kuda and one can find carvings, inscriptions, stupas that have a Buddhist culture influence.

Mumbai To Kolad
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4. Tamhini Falls

Tamhini waterfalls are another popular tourist destination in Kolad. The Tamhini waterfall is really tall and is surrounded with lush greenery and the area looks really beautiful during the rainy season. If you come to Kolad, Tamhini waterfall should be on your list.

Mumbai To Kolad
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5. Kundalika River Rope Crossing

Apart from River Rafting, another adventure sport that you can do at Kundalika River is crossing the river while you are clingy on to a rope. This adventure is thriving as the gushing water of the river is really cold and flows continuously. You will be tied to a harness while you are crossing the river.

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Best Time To Visit Kolad 

You can visit Kolad when it’s chilly in January- February or  November and December and the water at Kundalika river is gushing and really cold in those months.  You can also come here during summer vacations when it gets too hot in Mumbai.

Some places recommend staying in Kolad are Doctor’s Farm, Kundalika Rafting Camp, and Waterfront Kolad. All these are close to the adventure sports that happen at Kundalika river.

Mumbai To Kolad

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip from Mumbai to Kolad, right now!