Plastic Found In Sambar, Stale Meat At Chettinad Restaurant In Tamil Nadu; Licence Cancelled

by Shreya Ghosh
Plastic Found In Sambar, Stale Meat At Chettinad Restaurant In Tamil Nadu; Licence Cancelled

We love eating outside and trying out new eateries and restaurants. The food presentation looks nice most of the time but we stay unaware of what goes on behind the scenes of serving dishes on our plates. Is the kitchen tidy? Are the workers following all the safety protocols? These questions often bother customers. In a recent incident, a Chettinad restaurant’s licence got cancelled and the reason will sicken you.

Food Safety Authorities Inspected A Popular Restaurant In Tamil Nadu’s Chettinad

Twitter user Janardhan Koushik (@koushiktweets) took to the microblogging site to share videos of the Food Safety authorities conducting an inspection at this restaurant.

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6 customers of this popular restaurant fell sick and began vomiting due to food poisoning after eating its food and later complained about it. Following the complaints, the local police alerted the Food Safety authorities about the same. The authorities reached the eatery during the evening to inspect it. Dr. Satheesh Kumar was leading this FSSAI team, according to a report by the Indian Express.

The Eatery Violated Safety Protocols

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India authorities discovered some stomach-churning things and food of the worst quality at this place. As shared in the tweet by Janardhan Koushik, the officials found “a plastic cover inside a sambar vessel”. Also, the inspection team discovered “10 kg of stale meat inside a freezer box”. In addition to all these, they also found many cockroaches and flies inside the kitchen. After conducting the inspection at this Chettinad restaurant, the officials cancelled its licence on Monday. FSSAI authorities have issued a stop-sale notice as well.

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Dr. Satheesh Kumar shared some details about this inspection with Indian Express and he talked about how the team will take further steps after testing the samples of raw materials. Also, all the raw materials need to be destroyed. The restaurant will need to make a lot of changes if they want to reopen. They need to renovate the place after which officials will audit it. The restaurant management will only be allowed to run the place once again if they manage to submit evidence and documents stating that they will follow the FSSAI safety protocols. The FSSAI official was quoted saying, “I will be monitoring this restaurant”.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Janardhan Koushik (@koushiktweets)