PM Modi Appeals To People To Only Gift Khadi Products This Festive Season

by Sanmita A
PM Modi Appeals To People To Only Gift Khadi Products This Festive Season

PM Modi visited Gujarat and attended a number of programmes – Khadi Utsav at the Sabarmati River Front was one of them. During the visit, PM Modi not only engaged himself in spinning the wheel, but made an impactful appeal to the people of India. With the coming of the festive season in India, PM Modi asked citizen to gift khadi products to each other. This way, the Vocal for Local campaign will gain more traction.  PM Modi emphasised that how choosing khadi gifts can push the momentum of the campaign.

Gift Of Khadi This Festive Season

When it comes to eco-friendly products and sustainable materials. Khadi is the best. In today’s era, when the climate is in threat, people are beginning to resort to organic products. So, if you go by PM Modi and his appeal, gifting Khadi products is probably a smart decision that you’d make. PM Modi even emphasised on how Khadi can be comforting in countries where the weather is super hot. He said that through Khadi and its uses, India will reach global levels. As we mentioned, the world today is shifting to the idea of more sustainable method of living.

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PM Modi & Other Significant Projects In Gujarat

PM Modi had a heartwarming welcome to his homeland Gujarat. He not only addressed people in the state, but even made significant announcements, inaugurated important projects and interacted with the people. He inaugurated the Smriti Van Memorial in Bhuj and a foot over bridge at Sabarmati. Gujarat has seen immense development and sales, in terms of Khadi products.

Also, in one of his Mann ki baat episodes, PM Modi expressed his feelings towards the people of hills – Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh.

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