Polish This 10-Feet Long Dosa In Delhi & Get ₹71,000 As Reward

by Suchismita Pal
Polish This 10-Feet Long Dosa In Delhi & Get ₹71,000 As Reward

Gobbling up an entire dosa packed with loads of veggies and spices isn’t a task at all. But it definitely becomes a challenge when the dosa is a whopping 10 feet long. An eatery in Uttam Nagar, Delhi named Swami Ji Shakti Sagar Restaurant has actually thrown up the challenge for insane foodies. And the one who finishes the dosa all alone can bag a cash prize of ₹71,000. In other words, you might earn the money for your next big trip simply ( or not so simply) by eating a dosa! Read on to know the deets.

Picture Credits: Shakti Sagar/Zomato

The Dosa Is To Be Finished In 40 Minutes

The offer was announced via a YouTube video on Khanabadosh By Deepak Yatin in October 2021. Recently, video creator Bhawna again posted a video of the offer on her Instagram handle ‘delhi_tummy’. This means, the offer is still on! What’s more, in the comments section of Bhawna’s post, many netizens have actually said that the task does not seem to be challenging at all. But every contest comes with a timeline and this one is no exception. You have to finish the dosa along with around 26 gravies coming with it in 40 minutes to win the prize. Yes, you need to polish off the plate of this jumbo dosa in less than an hour.

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The Dosa Costs ₹1500

Deepak Yatin had posted a plain version of the dosa and Bhawna posted a masala version. The jumbo dosas at Swami Ji Shakti Sagar Restaurant come at around ₹1500. Having said that, the posts have revealed that nobody has managed to win the challenge. If you think you can be the first one to do so, take it up without delay. Who knows, right after the dosa, you might be the one making headlines for actually finishing it in 40 minutes. Or even if you’re not up for the challenge, you can at least relish the dosa with your family or group of friends. On that note, here is a list of the 6 Biggest Dosas In India That Will Leave You Dumbfounded With Their Sizes.