Potterheads, Diagon Alley Comes To Mumbai With This Harry Potter-Themed Dessert Festival

by Tejashee Kashyap
Potterheads, Diagon Alley Comes To Mumbai With This Harry Potter-Themed Dessert Festival

Welcome to a world where magic and gastronomy intertwine to create an enchanting dining experience like no other. Now, you can enter the realm of Harry Potter through ‘Diagon Dessert Alley’ in Mumbai. Mumbai’s Jamjar Diner is set to take you to embrace the enchanting world of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Enter The Diagon Dessert Alley At Jamjar Diner


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A Harry Potter-inspired food and restaurant experience is more than just a meal; it’s an enchanting journey into a world of magic, wonder, and imagination.  Along with renowned pastry chef, Nicole Mody, owner of Comida World, Jamjar Diner brings a Harry Potter-themed dessert festival called, Diagon Dessert Alley.

The dessert festival will transport you to a magical world of wizardry and indulge your senses. This remarkable event, which is solely focused on desserts and drinks, aims to take visitors of all ages into the magical world of Hogwarts by serving up a delicious meal that pays homage to the adored film series with a fun twist.

From Butterbeer to Chocolate Frogs, the world of Harry Potter is filled with delightful treats. Moreover, they have captured the hearts and taste buds of fans worldwide. Whether you’re a die-hard Potterhead or simply a lover of magical delights, these desserts are sure to spark the imagination. Additionally,  it will bring a touch of magic to your dining experience.

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So, What’s On The Menu?

Diagon Dessert Alley
image credits: Press release/Jamjar Diner

Additionally, this culinary adventure takes us on a journey through the most enchanting and delectable Harry Potter-inspired desserts. They are each designed to bring a touch of magic to every bite.

This is what the dessert menu comes with –

  • Whomping Willow – A tantalising concoction of tuille, lemon cheesecake, and gingerbread soil.
  • Monster Book of Monsters Ice Cream Sandwich –  A fusion of chocolate biscuits and vanilla ice cream
  • Mandrakes – A whimsical blend of banana bread and velvety vanilla bean ice cream, served with cute earmuffs
  • A Very Hogwarts High Tea – Sponge cake served with roasted strawberry jam and white chocolate cream
  • Butterbeer Tart – A divine treat featuring butterscotch pudding, cockroach clusters, and a luscious topping of white chocolate cream.
  • Harry’s Birthday Cake – A heavenly chocolate cake and rich buttercream fit for a wizard’s celebration.
  • Every Flavoured Donut Dots – Bombolinis stuffed with magical surprises.

Not just desserts, be sure to get yourself enthralled with the famous Harry Potter drinks-

  • Butterbeer – Savour the enchanting blend of butterscotch and ice cream soda, topped with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon foam.
  • Liquid Luck – Revel in the invigorating mix of freshly squeezed apple juice, lime, and the secret ingredient – gold dust
  • Love Potion – A tantalising fusion of raspberry liqueur, vodka, and ginger beer
  • Pumpkin Juice – Fresh pumpkin meets the delightful notes of orange and vanilla.
  • Honeydukes Fizzy Orange – A tribute to the fizzy orange candy, this beverage offers a refreshing and tangy experience

So, gather your friends, don your wizarding robes, and indulge in these spellbinding treats that celebrate the enchantment and wonder of J.K. Rowling’s extraordinary universe.

Where: 7A & 7B, JP Rd, Aram Nagar Part 2, Versova, Andheri West & 133, Gazebo House, 1st Floor, Hill Road, Bandra (West)
When: 31st July to 13th August (9 am to 1 am)

Cover image credits: Press release/Jamjar Diner