Pune: Postpone Your Madhe Ghat Waterfall Plans As It Is Closed For 2 Months

Madhe Ghat waterfall
by Tooba Shaikh

Monsoon season brings a dilemma of sorts for people who love travelling and hunting for popular or unexplored waterfalls. Even though monsoon brings with us many hidden gems, it also brings an added layer of danger and risk. The Madhe Ghat waterfall in Pune is a popular sight for tourists and people love witnessing it in all its glory during the monsoon weather. However, recently, authorities have prohibited all tourist activities at this waterfall.

Madhe Ghat Waterfall Closed For Tourists For 2 Months

Madhe Ghat waterfall

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Madhe Ghat Waterfall, which is a popular tourist attraction in Pune, has recently been closed for tourist activities. For the next two months or 60 days, no tourists are allowed near the waterfall. The telos behind this move is precautionary.

Since it has been raining quite heavily in the area for a considerable amount of time, the authorities decided to bar tourist entry at the spot in order to avoid any untoward incidents or deaths. This means that people will not be able to conduct activities like rappelling for quite some time.

Rajendra Kachare, the sub-divisional officer of the Bhor division, is responsible for issuing the order. Those who violate this 60-day embargo will be penalised and will face legal action. The waterfall is situated between the villages of Kelad and Bhirdi.

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Legal Action Will Be Taken Against Violators

Madhe Ghat waterfall

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to multiple reports, legal action will be taken against the people who violate this restriction. If any tourist is caught violating the embargo, they will face action under sections 188 and 144 of the Indian Penal Code or IPC.

In case you didn’t know, rappelling is an activity where you tie a rope coiled around your waist at a high point and then descend using the rope. The waterfall is particularly popular for that activity.

One can see why such a dangerous sport would be a cause of concern, especially during the monsoon season. Taking such concerns into consideration, the decision to ban tourist activity has been taken.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons