Qatar Airways Becomes First Gulf Airlines To Introduce Electronic BAGTAG In The Middle East

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by Anupriya Mishra

Travelling to a new destination is always a reason for excitement with promises of new experiences. But with this comes a set of challenges and unavoidable exhaustion, especially when one has to stand in long queues. To make this travel experience a more seamless affair, Qatar Airways has launched new electronic BAGTAG services. Here’s more about this exciting development!

Introducing Electronic BAGTAG, Qatar Airways Becomes First Gulf Airlines To Do So

A First In The Middle East

Qatar Airways Electronic Bagtag

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Qatar Airways, in collaboration with the travel tech company, BAGTAG will now offer electronic BAGTAG services. With this development, it becomes the first airway in the Middle East to lunch this service. This will allow travellers to easily check in their luggage from anywhere by just using their smartphones. As new option makes way, traditional baggage labels are now a thing of the past!

This software was developed in partnership with the travel technology partner of Qatar Airways, Amadeus. As a result of this collaboration, the airway smoothly integrated this tech-savvy solution into its operation, thereby becoming the first Middle-Eastern airline to do so. As such, the BAGTAG platform can be accessed by the Qatar Airways app and can also be used on its flights around the world.

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A Sustainable Alternative


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The move certainly pushes the airlines towards a more sustainable alternative. Since traditionally the baggage labels were made using non-recyclable paper, the newer alternative is more environment-friendly, besides being seamless of course. As it happens, you can attach the reusable device to your bags from the comfort of your home, on the way to the airport or even in a hotel, using the Qatar Airways mobile app. Additionally, you can drop off your bag at the ‘fast drop off’ areas at the airport as the app digitally labels the baggage.

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No More Standing In Queues


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Even though web check-in has made life easier, standing in uber-long queues would certainly dampen the travelling spirit. But no more, as with the introduction of the new electronic BAGTAG, the need to stand in line at the airport check-in is eliminated. This will obviously result in a speedier passenger journey. Besides Qatar Airways, BAGTAG also has partnerships with other airways like Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, China Southern, and Alaska. It is expected that more are soon to follow suit!

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