Rahul Gandhi: My Father & Grandmother’s Deaths Prompted Me To Join Politics | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Rahul Gandhi: My Father & Grandmother’s Deaths Prompted Me To Join Politics | Curly Tales

Rahul Gandhi is on his Bharat Jodo Yatra, travelling through different cities of India. We know him as a politician, a son and grandson of two of the greatest Prime Ministers of India. But, on this Sunday Brunch episode, we get to meet him in person and to know him a little better. With our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, let us meet Rahul Gandhi to know him as a person. 

Reason Behind Joining Politics

After listening to his journey from a corporate job to politics, Kamiya asked about his interest in politics and how it happened. Rahul Gandhi says, “I come from a family where we are very political people. I think my father’s death also had an impact on it. My grandmother’s death also. That was certainly part of the reason why I felt I should join politics then.”

He further adds, “In my family, we don’t get scared. That’s a trait that I saw in my grandmother and my father. So that was never a question in my mind.”

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Rahul Gandhi’s School Memories

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Credits: Curly Tales India

While remembering his schooling days, Rahul Gandhi says that he was initially in boarding school before being homeschooled. When Kamiya asks him about special treatment in school, he replies, “I had a very interesting thing, so.. I had some teachers who were overly nice to me, and then I had some teachers who were really nasty to me, you know. So I had both worlds. ” He also describes the situation after his grandmother’s demise. “Home-schooling? Well, because my grandmother was assassinated. A day before my grandmother’s death we were taken away from there(boarding school). When my grandmother died, then they (security people) just didn’t allow us to go to school.”

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