Rail Ministry Shares Picture Of Renovated Uttar Pradesh Station And Calls It ‘New India’

by Sanmita A
Rail Ministry Shares Picture Of Renovated Uttar Pradesh Station And Calls It ‘New India’

Indian Railways and stations have been going through a massive makeover. The Ministry Of Railways took to Twitter and shared before-after pictures of a railway station in Uttar Pradesh. The Gauriganj station, located in the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh, had a transformation, following which the ministry posted an update and wrote, ‘Glimpse of New India’. Apart from this railway station, the Prayagraj railway station too will witness a glorious renovation.

Uttar Pradesh: Prayagraj Railway Station To Be Renovated

Not only in Uttar Pradesh but railway stations across the country will undergo beautification and renovation work. Apart from the image transformation, the ministry of Indian Railways will especially focus on the up-gradation of facilities for train passengers. The Prayagraj railway station beautification work will be done by January 2025. This station in Uttar Pradesh will be a combination of world-class amenities. Therefore, before the next Kumbh Mela, which is to be held in 2025 the Prayagraj station is likely to be ready.

The Ayodhya Railway station in Uttar Pradesh too will be renovated to be able to cater to over 25,000 passengers at once.

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Other Railway Station In India To Undergo Transformation

Apart from the railway stations in Uttar Pradesh, stations in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Punjab will be renovated in phases. The Gandhinagar-Jaipur railway station in Rajasthan is a world-class railway station. The Jabalpur railway station in Madhya Pradesh is no less than an airport from the looks of it. The renovation of the Chandigarh railway station will begin soon as well. The Muzaffarpur station in Bihar will undergo a world-class transformation which will require up to 36 months or so. In Andhra Pradesh, the Nellore railway station will undergo redevelopment too.

In Gujarat, the Somnath railway station will undergo renovation as well with the looks and architecture that depicts the famous Somnath temple.

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