Railway Stations In Kerala To Have Breastfeeding Cabins Now

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by Kritika Kukreja 1971

Under 140 Characters

As an initiative project, cabins have been installed at Kollam station in Kerala exclusively for women who are breastfeeding their infants. 

What Is It?

The Rotary Club of Kollam Royal City has installed cabins meant for women who are breastfeeding their infants. These cabins can be identified quite easily as they have pictorial representation and are bright pink in color. The cabins come with a proper ventilation system, fans, lights and storage compartments for the mother’s belongings. You can find these cabins at the Ladies Waiting Room at Kollam Station. 

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What Else?

The government of Kerala will be strictly monitoring the response from the public regarding the breastfeeding cabins. They are also planning to install more such cabins across Kerala to make it easier for women.

The government of Kerala will be joining hands with the Rotary Club to make this initiative possible.