Rajkummar Rao Shot For Stree In This Haunted Fort In Bhopal

by Sushmita Mahanta
Rajkummar Rao Shot For Stree In This Haunted Fort In Bhopal

Bollywood films have given us numerous beautiful locations to add to our bucket lists. But have you ever considered visiting any haunted palace or fort that was the filming location for a film? Well, Rajkumar Rao’s Stree featured one of the most haunted forts in Bhopal. So if you want to undertake a spooky adventure, you know where to be! Yes, it’s the famous Taj Mahal Fort, which was once considered the glory of Bhopal because of its rich history and gorgeous architecture. Currently, the fort lies abandoned, so much so that visiting the fort is mostly condemned. Read on to know more about the Taj Mahal Fort and the filming process of Stree in this haunted fort.

Locals Warned Rajkumar Rao And Cast Of Stree To Stay Away From The Haunted Fort In Bhopal

During the promotions of Stree, Rajkumar Rao had revealed in an Indian Express interview that locals warned the cast and crew to stay away from the Taj Mahal Fort while they were filming in Bhopal. According to the locals, the Fort is haunted and home to some sort of negative energy. But director Amar Kaushik was adamant to shoot in the fort after the stories the locals told the cast of Stree. So much so that the filming was done at night to make the scenes more realistic. But they were shot under strict restrictions. Rao had revealed how they were given notes that had instructions asking them to not wear perfumes. Girls were asked to not keep their hair open and no one was allowed to go out all alone. Rao also revealed a weird incident that took place while filming in the haunted fort. During a 3 am shoot schedule, one of the light boys who was handling technicals at a height of around 20-30 feet, suddenly fell. The moment he fell, he started screaming that someone had pushed him. Rao revealed how he was hurt and later hospitalized for three-four days. Truly scary, we say!

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More About The Taj Mahal Fort, Bhopal

It’s a little weird to know that India has one Taj Mahal in Agra that only speaks of love while there’s another Taj Mahal in Bhopal that speaks of dark mysteries in the city! The Taj Mahal Fort in Bhopal is a late 19th-century construction. It was built as the residence for the Begum of Bhopal but now only the ruins and mysteries remain. The haunted fort is located on the northern shore of the artificial Motia lake, opposite the grand Taj-ul-Masajid mosque in Bhopal. The fort is truly scary-looking and you better not visit the fort for any of your spooky adventures!

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