Ramadan: Why Is Roza Fast Broken By Eating Dates?

It is crucial to break fasts with dates during Ramadan.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Ramadan: Why Is Roza Fast Broken By Eating Dates?

The holy month of Ramadan is here and Muslims practice fasts, devotion, prayer and good deeds. Every year, Muslims all around the world fast from dawn until dusk. While breaking their roza, or fast, Muslims eat a date after the sun sets and then indulge in iftar, the meal enjoyed after breaking the fast. We have often heard about this tradition of eating a date to break the fast but have you ever wondered what the reason behind it is? Let’s gobble up a handful of de-seeded dates and know why that is.

Why Do Muslims Break Their Roza Fast By Eating Dates?

Muslims all over the world are overjoyed as Ramadan is just knocking on the door. They religiously fast from sunrise to sunset for almost a month, every year. To break the fast, they eat dates and this act is deeply rooted in tradition and the religious teachings of Prophet Muhammad. One of the Prophet’s sayings dictates that fasts are to be broken by eating dates. He also added that if dates aren’t available, then water is enough.

It is also believed that he also broke his fast by consuming dates, which went on to become a tradition among Muslims. The holy Quran also mentions this sweet fruit more than 20 times, which is more than any other fruit. The reasons stated above hold both historical and religious significance for dates.

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Other Interesting Facts About This Sweet Fruit

Apart from being an integral part of Ramadan, dates are also an extremely healthy fruit option. They are rich in minerals, fibre, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and many more nutrients. They not only make for a tasty snack but are also easily digested by the body, hence a quick source of energy. If we think about it, this fact makes them the perfect way to break fast.

It is packed with natural sugars, therefore, it also helps to maintain glucose levels after a long day of fasting.   Dates are known to have a high water content, which is a plus as it will prevent dehydration post-Ramadan fasts.

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Now, you know why Muslims break their Ramadan fasts with dates, along with some interesting facts.

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