Ras, The Plant-Based NYC Restaurant, Serves Ethiopian-Inspired Cuisine With A Vegan Twist!

If you are not familiar with Ethiopian cuisine, this NYC restaurant is serving it with a vegan twist!

by Shreya Rathod
Ras, The Plant-Based NYC Restaurant, Serves Ethiopian-Inspired Cuisine With A Vegan Twist!

Ethiopian cuisine is unique and excellent, suited for a fascinating nation with a legacy that is unlike anything else in Africa. Although Ethiopian food is getting more well-known, it is still somewhat of a mystery. Eating Ethiopian cuisine requires you to reevaluate some of your preconceptions about dinnertime. And for the majority of us, this means forgoing utensils and preparing for a messy meal. Ras, the NYC restaurant, is breaking the norms and serving Ethiopian-inspired cuisine with a vegan twist!

Ras In NYC Serves Ethiopian-Inspired cuisine!


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At its eateries in Brooklyn and on Pier 57 in Manhattan, Ras Plant-Based serves vegan Ethiopian food. Romeo Regalli states that they draw a large number of carnivores and meat eaters, who are typically brought along by their friends who experiment with plant-based diets. And he often hears them saying that if this was how plant-based food tastes, they are ready to go vegan. Moreover, they wanted the people of New York to get a real taste of Ethiopian food and the country.

He displayed their dulet, a traditional dish made with tripe and liver. They prepare theirs with oyster mushrooms at Ras Plant-Based. He even spiced up the grapeseed oil with mimita, which is a leaf grown by his mother at home and it has a very buttery taste. He further states that many Ethiopian visitors to this place find that this dish is their favourite because it is similar to the food they were raised with. He makes an effort to use only real spices and seasonings.

Most importantly, their seasonings are imported straight from Ethiopia. Moreover, they utilise a spice known as berbere, which contains thirty distinct spices, including cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. And carb lovers can try bread made with a superfood! It is called Injera, which is a flat spongy Ethiopian bread. It is made using Teff, which is the tiniest grain and an incredible cuisine.

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The Eatery Also Started Offering Lunch Bowls


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The eatery started offering their well-liked lunch bowls a year and a half ago. The bowls contain brown rice, turmeric, and their homemade awaze. Regalli also prepares chips from injera, crumbles them, and combines them with cilantro. This mixture is then topped with rice, vegetables, avocado salad, and their homemade awaze.

He attributes his passion for cuisine and his aptitude in the kitchen to his family’s matriarchs. He confessed that he learnt all of his cooking skills from his mom and his grandmothers, who were also incredible chefs. He used to be amazed at how both the ladies could make veggies taste so nice. So, he took the idea and ran with it!

He remarked that they are quite pleased with all of his restaurant successes. He further stated that his mom, who lives in Ethiopia, is very proud of him. She visits him twice a year and she tells him that she misses his food!

Ethiopians are not afraid to add spice, just like Indians. A popular side dish is berbere, a spice blend with up to 16 ingredients that includes cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, and chilli powder.

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