Reach Gateway To Belapur In Just 1 Hour; New Ferry Service Launched

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Reach Gateway To Belapur In Just 1 Hour; New Ferry Service Launched

Mumbai is rightly known as the city that never sleeps. Everything in this city has a very fast pace, and one always has to be on one’s toes. Ferry rides provide a welcome respite from the never-ending traffic and late local trains.This brings me to the fact that the much-awaited new ferry service,  Gateway-Belapur, has finally begun. The services began on February 7 and are all set to reduce your travel time. 

New Ferry Service, Gateway-Belapur Is Here

Gateway of India saw the launch of the new ferry service between Gateway and Belapur. Dadaji Bhurse, Minister of Ports Development Government of Maharashtra, flagged off the Nayan XI ferry from Belapur at 8:30 am. Local MLA Manda Vijay Mhatre was also present at the event. The first ferry sailed from Belapur Jetty at 8:30 am and reached the Gateway of India at 9:30 am. The return journey began at 6:30 pm and reached Belapur at 7:30. This demonstrated that now one can easily cover this distance in just an hour. 

 The vessel has a capacity to carry 200 passengers at a time. Lower deck tickets are approximately ₹250 per seat, while upper deck tickets are approximately ₹350 per seat. The charges mentioned here are for a one-way trip. The lower deck can easily accommodate about 140 people, and the upper deck can accommodate 60 people. The cost charged by this vessel is half the price that people pay while travelling to the same place in a cab. 

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Frequency Of The Ferry Will Be Increased

 Local MLA Manda Vijay Mhatre said that she has been following up with this new ferry service ever since day one of its conceptualization. She is glad that the people travelling between these places will no longer have to get stuck in traffic. Once the new ferry service starts, the frequency will be gradually increased. 

 NSPL, the operating and commercial partner, has collaborated with for online sales and ticketing. Share-autos are available for commuting to the jetty at just ₹10 per person. There are share-taxis as well as BEST available to go to CSMT and Churchgate from Gateway of India. 

new ferry service
Pic credits: Wikimedia commons

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