Relish All Asian Cuisines Under One Roof At This Restaurant In BKC

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Relish All Asian Cuisines Under One Roof At This Restaurant In BKC

Imagine walking to a restaurant  that serves you the best dishes from Asian cuisines in an ambience that has the most serene vibes with alluring interiors. Well if that imagination did bring a smile to your face, let me tell you that you can actually experience this here in Mumbai’s BKC itself. Yes, you read that right. Bandra’s BKC is blessed with this new space named Chufang Asian Kitchen and Bar which brings all the Asian love on your plate. 

Serve Your Taste Buds With The Best Of Asian Cuisines

Doesn’t matter if you are already a fan of Asian cuisines or are willing to try it, Chufang Asian Kitchen and Bar is the perfect place. For starters, you can go for soups or their signature salad Buddha Bowl which is a delightful dish made with Blue Pea Rice, Sour Cream and Edamame. If you are someone who loves Dim Sums, make sure you try their Spicy Cheese Broccoli Dim Sums or Sriracha Chicken Dim Sum served with a variety of sauces. Their Yellow Thai curry with Blue Garlic Rice is a heavenly combination in the main course. Offer your taste buds a burst of flavours with their vegetarian sushi options like Veg Tempura. The restaurant’s magical bar offers you creative mocktails like Ginger Candy and exotic cocktails like Kentucky Club and Butterfly Cocktail. The kitchen also serves you some decadent desserts like Japanese Macha Cheesecake, Souffle and Raspberry Walnuts Tart Cake to end your meal on sweet note. 

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Experience The True Asian Vibe

The owner of the restaurant Mr. Arwin Tucker, is an ardent traveller and wanted to bring in the taste and vibe of all the Asian countries he has been to under one roof.  As you walk into the beautiful restaurant, you are simply teleported to a place which offers you true Asian vibes. You are greeted with a smiling life sized Buddha art with his eyes half open speaking about that one common factor across all the Asian countries. The lights that fall on Buddha create patterns which actually calm your soul bringing a smile on your face. The bar table with glasses hanging upside down looks simply spectacular. The right side of the space has a whole wall filled with beautiful orangish red lamps which actually resemble the cylindrical prayer wheels in Buddha temples

The  detail oriented owner, the ever smiling staff, the serene vibe, the lovely interior and luscious food make sure that your experience at Chufang Asian Kitchen And Bar is unforgettable. 

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