15 Resorts Near Mumbai That Are Perfect For Your Diwali Retreat

by Pratiksha Acharya
15 Resorts Near Mumbai That Are Perfect For Your Diwali Retreat

The Festival of Lights is just around the corner and you know what that means, it means that the city is going to be shrouded in a blanket of smog really soon too. Firecrackers replace the stars in the sky and smoke replaces the inky darkness of the sky. And if like us, you’d prefer to be away from it all then there’s no better thing to do than escape from the city during the Diwali weekend. Being away from the pollution and the noise in the city is the best way to treat yourself.  So, we decided to make a comprehensive list of the best resorts near Mumbai that you can hit up this Diwali.

1. The Machan, Lonavala

In the mood to spend a night in a treehouse of your own? Then you need to head down to The Machan in Lonavala. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, shrouded in a canopy of trees, spending time here is like living in a fantasy world of your own. And a luxurious one at that. The glass windows of the treehouse look down at the green fauna and you can quite literally wake up to birds chirping outside your window. This is one romantic place to celebrate Diwali and to stargaze the night away with your loved one.


Cost per night: Approx INR 34,500 per night (varies as per season)
Address: The Machan, Private Road, Lonavala, Atvan, Maharashtra 401401
Contact: 076666 22426

2. Della Resort, Lonavala

If you prefer spending your Diwali in style and by indulging in some much-needed activities then Della is the place to be. The resort not only lets you chill and kick back but you can also have a lot of fun at their very own adventure park. The choice is yours. But if we were you, we’d definitely get a stock of the insanely cool adventure rides that Della has to offer.


Cost per night: Approx INR 26,000 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Della Resort, Kunegaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410 401
Contact: 1800 3000 7440

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3. Dune Barr House – Verandah In The Forest, Matheran

I am a big history buff and the idea of living in an age-old mansion that has stood the test of time really excites me. The Dune Barr House comes with its own share of history. A 170-year-old British mansion in the middle of a dense forest in Matheran, Dune Barr House is the only pedestrian hill resort in Asia. The rooms in the house are named after the famous Parsi and Bohra families of Bombay and make for a great getaway from the city.


Cost per night: Approx INR 14,998 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Dune Barr House, Charlotte Lake Road, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102
Contact: 0413 265 0200

4. Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug

Only a couple of hours away from Mumbai, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa is a blissful place to spend a weekend at. You can lounge by the pool all day long and then head on over for a long and relaxing massage that will re-energize you and get you all prepped to head back to the city life.


Cost per night: Approx INR 9,225 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Gondhalpada, Varasoli, Alibag, Maharashtra 402209
Contact: 02141 302 400

5. The Dukes Retreat, Khandala

One of the luxe resorts in Khandala, heading to The Dukes Retreat is the perfect way of treating yourself this Diwali. You can gaze out at the gorgeous backdrop of the Western Ghats right from the window of your room. Is there honestly a better way of relaxing? We think not.


Cost per night: Approx INR 15,748 per night (varies as per season)
Address: The Dukes Retreat, Old Mumbai – Pune Hwy, Khandala, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410301
Contact: 022 4333 2000

6. Fariyas Resort, Lonavala

Another great resort in Lonavala, not only is Fariyas Resort really close to the city but it also has an amazing outdoor water theme park and an indoor people to keep you entertained while you enjoy your stay there. The resort also boasts of a great spa where you can have all your worries and stress massaged away.

Fariyas Resort Diwali Retreats

Cost per night: Approx INR 5,652 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Fariyas Resort, Frichley Hill Rd, Frichley Hills, Tungarli, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401
Contact: 02114 668 333

7. U Tropicana Resort, Alibaug

Everyone who loves a quick break from the city knows that U Tropicana is one of the best places to enjoy your two-day sabbatical. The resort comprises of rooms, suites and deluxe villas so you can take your pick from the accommodation on offer. The rooms have been done up tastefully with such gorgeous decor that you might just be room-bound during your stay here.


Cost per night: Approx INR 40,000 per night (varies as per season)
Address: U Tropicana Resort, Chondi Naka, Mapgaon, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201
Contact: 02141 232 143

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8. The Hilton Shilim, Shilimb

Untouched by the dirt and pollution of the cities, The Hilton Shilim is nestled in the mighty Western Ghats. If you have been feeling dreary and dull because of the hectic life in the city, then this is the place to set your body and mind free. Breathing in the clean air while you sip a mimosa by the pool, you might just forget about the worries in your life.


Cost per night: Approx INR 15,993 per night (varies as per season)
Address: The Hilton Shilim, Pavana Nagar, Maval, Shilimb, Maharashtra 410406
Contact: 02114 712 468

9. Blue Ocean Resort & Spa, Ganpatipule

The sandy beaches are clearly calling out to you if you have been thinking about visiting Ganpatipule for a while. So, why not spend the weekend swimming away in the sea and looking at the starlit night instead of bursting firecrackers? Luckily, at Blue Ocean Resort & Spa, you can do just that.


Cost per night: Approx INR 13,118 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Blue Ocean Resort & Spa, S.No.127, Malgund, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra 415615
Contact: 02357 235 488

10. The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune

Sure Pune is a city and you are trying to get away from that but at The Corinthians Resort & Club, you get to do that while you are still pretty close to the vicinity of the city. The luxury resort is a great place to unwind in style and pamper yourself.


Cost per night: Approx INR 7,899 per night (varies as per season)
Address: The Corinthians Resort & Club, Nyati Estate Cement Rd, Nyati County, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060
Contact: 020 2695 2222

11. Amanzi Resort, Pavana

The best thing about Amanzi has to be its gorgeous location. Located really close to Pavana dam, the water makes for a magnificent backdrop for the resort. Only a couple of hours away, not only is staying here a treat but the drive up and down is really picturesque.

Cost per night: Approx INR 11,822 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Amanzi Resort, 440 Tikona Peth, Pavana Dam, Gevhande Khadak, Maharashtra 410406
Contact: 098210 12163

12. Atmantan Wellness Resort, Mulshi

Super popular among people who want to take a break and live the organic lifestyle, Atmantan is the resort that you need to hit up. They have a beautiful infinity pool that opens up the view to the sparkling waters of Mulshi Lake. The ethos of Atmantan is to offer wellness experiences to the guest’s mind, body and soul.

Cost per night: Approx INR 25.000 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Atmantan Wellness Resort, Mulshi, Pune 412108
Contact: 91 20 66766666

13. Malhar Machi Holiday Resort, Mulshi

Extremely private, Malhar Machi caters to people who prefer isolating themselves completely whie they take some much-needed time off. With only 20 rooms, you can be in your own zone without any disturbance and just spend some time with yourself in the lap of nature.


Cost per night: Approx INR 16,500 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Malhar Machi Holiday Resort, Post Valne, Taluka, Mulshi, Maharashtra 411040
Contact: 080 4805 6816

14. Golden Swan Resort & Spa, Murud

A perfect place for beach-bums and water babies, the Golden Swan Resort & Spa is located right on Murud beach. you can catch some breathtaking sunsets here while the tide flows in lazily on the beach.


Cost per night: Approx INR 8,000 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Golden Swan Resort & Spa, Darbar Road, Opposite Custom Office, Murud Janjira, Murud, Maharashtra 402401
Contact: 092255 91131

15. Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala

Alright, it’s clear that we love Lonavala. But who wouldn’t? With a pleasant weather all year round, there’s no better place to chill. The resort is located at a height of 2500 feet above sea level which means that you can be assured of beautiful views and from the highest peak of Lonavala.


Cost per night: Approx INR 13,298 per night (varies as per season)
Address: Upper Deck Resort, 13/15, Pangloli Village, Thakurwadi, Off. Tungarli Lake, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401
Contact: 090110 14580