Restaurant Review – Above and Beyond, Mumbai

Above And Beyond, Mumbai
by Anindya and Chandani 2075

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Imagine a cheaper Starbucks with better food. A perfect vegetarian joint for the late millennials, Above and Beyond serves Hookah along with good and affordable food. 

What is it?

Above and Beyond culminates into a perfect blend of work and play. With its chic design and  friendly ambience, it can very easily become the new ‘hangout spot’. A paradise for college kids, it also attracts a fair amount of work-on-the-go customers. It’s a bit of a drive inside Andheri East, but it is worth the travel and the fact that it has an all vegetarian menu may deter a few meat-eaters.

Above And Beyond, Mumbai

Above And Beyond

What’s in it?

Above and Beyond has its own character, from its chairs to the open kitchen and the design. Above and Beyond can be divided into two sections. The ground floor is a sort of a café, while the first floor is designed to be the Hookah bar. The college kids and the work-on-the-go peeps.

Above And Beyond, Mumbai


What to eat?

Besides the normal menu listings, these guys have a few delicious tricks up their sleeves. We tried out a few dishes, including the ones with egg. Here’s a detailed review of the good, the bad and everything in between. 

Sundried Tomato Potenta Square with After Eight Shake

I realized at this joint that chocolate and cheese go brilliantly together. If I had to deconstruct the dish, I would say it has a corn flour base, with cheese on top and seasoned with pepper and salt and topped with sundried tomatoes.  Extremely soft, it will melt in your mouth. You will be able to taste the corn flour, the cheese and the tomato – individually. The After Eight shake was refreshing, albeit a little more of the mint would not have hurt.

Above And Beyond, Mumbai

Sundried Tomato Potenta Square with After Eight Shake

Pot Flyovers of Mumbai

This lives up to its funky name and I would add it’s a bit of ingenuity on their part to have come up with this. Two kadak pavs (hardened bread) are scooped out in the centre. The hollow is filled with a half fry egg mixed with potatoes and onions and some spices.  A brilliant move combining something as innocuous as Pav and eggs together in this way. Eat it hot and with your hand. Please do not try and use the fork and spoon.

Above And Beyond, Mumbai

Pot Flyovers of Mumbai

Nutella Waffles

Not the best waffles in town, but it’s decent in terms of consistency and taste. Of course after the two ingenious creations, I was expecting this to blow my mind. Unfortunately, I was just a little disappointed. I take my desserts rather seriously and maybe my expectations were a little high. It could have been a little less dry and a little crunchier. That would have probably made my day.

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Above And Beyond, Mumbai

Nuttela Waffle

Easy on the wallet

A very affordable place considering the quality of the food. Everything on the menu is available starting from Rs 100-250

A meal for two would cost you something around 500-700 bucks, and I am being optimistic assuming a huge appetite.

Where – Ramanna Compound, Opposite Apollo Clinic, Mahakali Caves Road, Mahakali, Mumbai

How much – 500-700 for two

Timings – 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM

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