RiSe, The World’s Biggest Music & Lantern Festival Comes To Dubai

by Saniya
RiSe, The World’s Biggest Music & Lantern Festival Comes To Dubai

Come November, and the deserts of Dubai will experience a stunning light and musical festival. RiSe, the world’s biggest music and lantern festival brings the trance of music as you light away the lanterns into the sky. Started in 2014 in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, RiSe is going International with Dubai. And we are as excited as ever for it to come home!


What to expect?

Always wanted to get clicked while lighting lanterns and letting them fly away in the nightly sky? Well, you can now experience it all. Head down with your family, as the event is a family-friendly one. Or take your friends down to dance away the night! The festival shall be replete with food stalls for you to munch on as the event progresses. So bask in the wintery night amidst the desert as you gaze the moonlit sky.

RiSe (Source: Facebook)

The event has been popular with locals, tourists and celebs alike. With over 100,000 people participating in the one-day festival over the years, RiSe is a much-coveted event going sold out every year. With an exciting line up of artists, you know its not just the lanterns and scenic pictures you have to be excited for. Dig your heels in the somber sand as you sway to some great music that is sure to come with RiSe’s music line up.

Sustainable Fun, RiSe Way

Worried that all your fun would damage the environment? Then we are glad to let you find out that RiSe lanterns are 100% biodegradable. Moreover, the organizing team recovers the lantern after the event to make sure the desserts aren’t untidied.


A sustainable event in the middle of Dubai desert as you watch the swarming lanterns against Dubai’s picturesque skyline. Aah! What a marvelous sight that shall be. Can’t imagine missing out this event? Then sign up for the early bird tickets here for the event tentatively dated for November and pack your camera already! Because who would want to miss this incredible insta opportunity? We are sure you won’t.