Rohit Saraf: I Said ‘Hi’ To A Famous Person Once, And She Gave Me A Dirty Look | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Rohit Saraf: I Said ‘Hi’ To A Famous Person Once, And She Gave Me A Dirty Look | Curly Tales

We all have anecdotes and stories of unpleasant interactions with people. No matter who you are, some people just do not behave well with others. Our guests of this Sunday Brunch episode are Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf. And during the conversation, Rohit shared such an unpleasant experience of his life with Prajakta and Curly Tales Chief Editor Kamiya Jani.

Rohit Saraf Shared How An Actress Gave Him A Dirty Look

Rohit Saraf

While discussing about working with many Bollywood stars, Rohit talked about an old anecdote of him meeting an actress. He shared, ‘There is one incident that I have and I am obviously not going to take names. I was at an event and I was invited there. And you know a certain somebody who was one of the people who would have been a part of the family whose event it was. I saw her and smiled at her… Because it pretty much felt like a twinkle in my eye because I’d seen so much of her work.’

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Speaking about the incident, he shared, ‘And you know… Sure you may not be starstruck but when you look at those people that you have seen on screen so often, you admire their work so much, you feel really happy… And you feel this certain sort of awe when you look at them. And I saw her and smiled at her. I would have preferred it if I was ignored and walked away from. But I actually got a very dirty look almost and I remember that really broke my heart.’

The Mismatched star also shared that this incident happened 4 years back and how much he felt heartbroken after this interaction.

He Felt Very Downhearted & Wanted To Leave The Event!


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Rohit got extremely disheartened after such an interaction with the actress. It truly disappoints us when someone we admire so much does not behave properly with us. During the conversation, he also shared, ‘It really made me so upset that through the rest of the party, I was like Can I just please go home? I don’t wanna be here. It was one of those kinds of incidents.’

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Prajakta and Rohit had a wonderful time while gorging on lip-smacking dishes in the most perfect picnic setup. The Sunday Brunch episode is linked right here. Watch it ASAP and let us know how you enjoyed it!