Sachin Tendulkar Attempts To Identify His Fave Shivaji Park’s Vada Pav; Here’s How It Went

by Mallika Khurana
Sachin Tendulkar Attempts To Identify His Fave Shivaji Park’s Vada Pav; Here’s How It Went

Even if you are not a cricket fanatic, you must be a Sachin fan. Sachin Tendulkar, a cricketer whose contributions to Indian cricket has been invaluable, gave 24 years of his life and career to the country. He is one person who has won the hearts of cricket lovers all over the world. To talk about his passion for the sport, his love for food, and his life after retirement, the iconic Master Blaster joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on the 100th Sunday Brunch episode.

Sachin Tendulkar Tries To Identify His Fave Vada Pav From Shivaji Park

Needless to say, Sachin Tendulkar wooed us with his humility and charm as soon as we met him. We started an exciting conversation with him about his love for Maharashtrian cuisines, his Sunday brunches as a kid, and more. His fondness for vada pav is common knowledge, and we got to know he especially loves them from a place in Shivaji Park.

To test his dedication towards those vada pavs, we got him vada pavs from three different places in Mumbai and asked him to identify the one from Shivaji Park. We kept three options in front of him: one from Shivaji Park, one from Juhu, and one from Andheri. After carefully assessing all the layers and tasting them, he identified the right one and left us impressed.

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He Revealed His Talents As A Chef

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Sachin’s love for food is quite evident from his social media handles. But who knew he could cook as well? Well, he can! Sachin Tendulkar shared that the first time he cooked, it was for his wife when they recently got married. He made fish curry and rice for her, and she loved it too. Sachin asked his mother for the recipe and followed all the instructions. He shared that the dish turned out pretty well and that it was one of the best plates of fish curry and rice his wife has ever had.

Sachin shared so much more on this amazing episode; Check out the full video for more insight into his life, his relationships, and his journey in cricket!

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