Sachin Tendulkar Celebrates His Birthday Maxing & Relaxing By The Pool; Half Century Completed!

by Tooba Shaikh
Sachin Tendulkar Celebrates His Birthday Maxing & Relaxing By The Pool; Half Century Completed!

In case you weren’t aware, it is Sachin Tendulkar’s 50th birthday! That’s right! The god of cricket who is famous for scoring centuries in Cricket has now reached his own half-century. He took to his Twitter account and posted a couple of photos on the micro-blogging website. He’s giving us all the calm and relaxed vibes of a serene getaway. The master blaster proved that he is not only the master of cricket but also the master of relaxing.

Sachin Tendulkar Celebrates His Birthday

Many people, especially celebrities, like to have a huge blast on their birthdays. They usually throw a huge party with loud music and bright lights. But that is not how our beloved cricketer rolls. In an upcoming episode of Sunday Brunch (stay tuned to watch it), he revealed that he likes to spend his birthday quietly with a few loved ones around.

And sure enough, staying true to his word, he can be seen spending a relaxing time by himself without fuss and feathers. Sitting by the pool, sipping on chai, and just spending time gazing at the beautiful view in front of him. That is how he spent his time.

He coupled the two photographs along with a delightful and funny caption “Tea time: 50 not out!’ This punny caption made a reference to his career as a cricketer and how he is “not out” even after completing 50 years of age. After scoring 100 centuries, he has finally accomplished this personal half-century milestone.

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Chai, Pool, & Sun, What’s More Relaxing Than This?

Sachin Tendulkar
Credits: sachin_rt

The entire country is wishing him a very happy birthday and we bet that he’s receiving good wishes from all of his fans and loved ones. Did we mention that our next Sunday Brunch episode will feature this amazing cricketer? Keep your peeled for it!

Sitting by the pool and gazing at the beautiful scenery while sipping chai seems like the perfect way to spend your birthday. We hope that the coming year is also as relaxing for this historic cricketer as his birthday seems to be.

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We wish the master blaster a very happy return of the day!

Cover Image Credits: @sachin_rt/Twitter