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Sachin Tendulkar
by Mallika Khurana

An icon is a title that falls short when talking about Sachin Tendulkar. An amazing cricketer who made every Indian immensely proud, he is still an inspiration to every budding sportsperson. He is a special personality who is loved by everyone, and he made our 100th Sunday Brunch special too. To discuss his passion, his journey, and his future plans with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, he joined us on this Sunday Brunch episode.

Sachin Tendulkar Talked About His Superstition

After he told us about his way of living life and the importance of experiences at the end of every day, we asked him if he had any rituals or superstitions he believed in while playing. He shared that no athlete would ever say that they have a superstition, they would instead refer to it as a habit.

His habit was to wear the pad on his left leg first every time he stepped onto the field for a match. Another habit was his family’s conscious decision not to watch him play live. He shared that his brother used to watch a few games in the stadium but made sure Sachin couldn’t spot him. Even his wife watched only 1-2 matches live, over the years.

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He Talked About His Tuning With His Brother

Sachin Tendulkar

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Sachin Tendulkar talked to us in detail about all his brother’s contributions to his career. He shared the immense support and attention he received from him. Now, we wanted to know if they ever had arguments or disagreements like typical siblings.

He shared that, of course, sometimes they disagreed and had completely different opinions about a lot of things, but at the end of the day, they always sat together and talked it out. He also revealed that he used to watch, discuss, and analyse each match after he played with his brother. They discussed everything he did right in that match as well as everything that demanded improvement.

Certainly, it was an exciting and insightful episode where we got to know so much about Sachin Tendulkar, his life, his relationships, and a lot more. If you wish to know all of that as well, stream the full episode now!

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