Sacred Games Quiz Night At Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar In Delhi

by Aditi Singh
Sacred Games Quiz Night At Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar In Delhi

Under 140 Characters

All those sleepless nights of binge watching will finally be paid off! Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar in Greater Kailash 1,  Delhi is hosting a quiz night of India’s most favorite Netflix series Sacred Games on August 30th

What Is It?

According to Trivedi “Hum sabka life ek kahani hai”. If you want to make your life story more interesting for a day, then prep up and head to Gastronomica  for a chance to indulge in real Gastro-mania on the Sacred Games Night.

What better way to boast than cracking all those questions from your favorite. And what do you get in return?Lots of freebies and meal vouchers.

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What’s In It?

Champagne bottles, meal vouchers, beer buckets, Sacred Games Merchandise and lots more for getting the answers right.  Such Gastronomic delights for watching your favorite show! Now that’s not a bad exchange at all. So all ‘Dilli waali madam’ with their Buntys and Kukus get going and show up for the real sacred game.

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When: 30th August 21, 2018
Where: Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar, GK- 1
Contact: 9971172933

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