Sameera Reddy Shares 18 Traditional Goan Christmas Sweets Featuring Neureos, Jujubes & More!

Do you know the traditional Goan Chrsitmas desserts? If not, watch Sameera Reddy introduce them!

by Shreya Rathod
Sameera Reddy Shares 18 Traditional Goan Christmas Sweets Featuring Neureos, Jujubes & More!

As the Portuguese took control of Asia, Goa was their first colonial outpost and eventually the centre of their empire. Further, it influenced Goan culture, including food! Since Christmas is celebrated on a large scale in Goa, there are traditional desserts served around that time. Sameera Reddy has shared a platter of traditional Goan Christmas sweets which you shouldn’t miss out on!

Sameera Reddy Shares Traditional Goan Christmas Sweets


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Indian actress, Sameera Reddy, took to Instagram to share some of the traditional Goan Christmas sweets which you should definitely try! The video featured the actress, her mother-in-law and digital blogger, That Cheesy Goan.

Here’s The List Of Desserts Shown In The Video

1. Neureos

Neureos are classic crescent-shaped pastries with a coconut filling and sugar or jaggery for sweetness.

2. Rose Cookies

During the holiday season, Goa, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu make this traditional sweet dish.

3. Marzipan

A confection called marzipan is mostly made of sugar, honey, and almond meal, with the addition of almond oil or extract on occasion.

4. Jujubes

A popular confection, particularly during Christmas, goan jujubes are a spin-off of Turkish pleasure.

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5. Bebinca

Bebinca, also known as bebinka, is an Indo-Portuguese layer cake with seven to sixteen layers.

6. Perad

A traditional Goan treat produced especially for the Christmas season is called perad, perade, or guava cheese.

7. Pinagr

Pinaca, also known as pinagr, is usually prepared with coconut, palm jaggery, and parboiled Goan rice.

8. Doce

Doce, which translates to “sweet” from the Portuguese word grao, is a Goan dessert that calls for very few ingredients, a lot of patience, and a lot of stirring.

9. Christmas Cake

There is no Christmas celebration without a cake! And in Goa, they make it with lots of booze.

10. Gons

It’s a delicate coconut treat created around the Christmas period. This dish is really simple and quick to prepare, using basic ingredients.

11. Kormola

These are deep-fried Goan cookies that resemble flower buds or conch shells and are sweet, crunchy, and flaky.

12. Batica

All year long and especially for Christmas, the highly favoured Goan coconut semolina cake is known as batk or batica.

13. Bol

This round coconut jaggery cake is created with wheat and toddy and is perfect for festive occasions such as Christmas or weddings.

14. Rum Ball

A combination of chocolate and rum flavouring is added to cakes, brownies, or biscuits to create rum balls.

15. Bolo Sans Rival

Bolo sans rival, literally meaning “cake without a rival,” is a decadent yet delicate dish.

16. Dodol

Dodol is a popular treat in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, resembling toffee and made from sugar palm.

17. Bolinhas

Bolinhas are coconut and semolina cookies from Goa. They have a soft interior and a slightly sharp outside.

18. Pasteis De Nata

A pastry filled with egg custard and possibly coated with cinnamon is called pastel de nata or pastel de Belém in Portuguese.

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Which of these Goan Christmas sweets have you tried yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Sameera Reddy/ Instagram

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