“Samosa Kha Raha Hu 5 Min Rukiye:” Cab Driver Late; Offers To Buy Samosa For Passenger As Well

by Tooba Shaikh

Samosas are arguably one of the best food items out there. This little deep-fried dough pocket filled with spiced potato filling lives rent-free in the hearts and minds of many Indians, almost constantly. A recent event demonstrates how important this snack item is to Indians. A now-deleted post on Twitter talked about how a driver they booked was late because he was eating a samosa. In a hilarious turn of events, the driver asked if he should get one for the passenger as well!

Samosa Kha Raha Hoon, 5 Min Rukiye: Cab Driver To Passenger


Image Credits: Canva Images & @kyabromomo/Twitter

It seems that Monark Moolchandani, who is a resident of Bengaluru in Karnataka, was recently in Delhi. He booked a cab in Gurgaon from one of the popular cab-hailing mobile applications. Soon, he received a call from the prospective cab driver whose priorities in life were absolutely on point.

On the call, the driver said to Moolchandani that he was currently eating a samosa and he would therefore be late. Fair enough, thought Moolchandani. He said he would wait for the guy. Now, “dilwaalon ki dilli” is not said for naught and Moolchandani was about to find that out.

The driver proceeded to generously ask if he, too, would like to have a samosa and if so, he could get one for him as well. How considerate of the driver. He said “Aap bhi khaoge to ek le aau?”

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Drastically Different Experience From Bengaluru


Image Credits: Canva Images

Moolchandani later took to Twitter and shared this hilarious yet awesome incident in a now-deleted Tweet. In the tweet, he also compared how different this cab-hailing experience was for him compared to the ones he’s had in Bengaluru.

He said “What a flip story when compared to BLR.” In case you weren’t aware, getting a cab in Bengaluru is extremely difficult and people struggle to find one every day because they keep cancelling on the passengers.

Before being deleted, the tweet had garnered a significant amount of attention from the Tweeple. It had managed to garner close to 480 thousand views! The comment section, too, was filled with people who found the incident delightful and funny!

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Have you had any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Canva Images & @kyabromomo/Twitter

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