Sanjay Dutt’s Blended Scotch Whisky, The Glenwalk Wins Gold At ProWine Spirits Challenge

by Tejashee Kashyap
Sanjay Dutt’s Blended Scotch Whisky, The Glenwalk Wins Gold At ProWine Spirits Challenge

Over the years, India has carved its niche in the world of whisky, producing and consuming a significant amount of this iconic spirit. Celebrity-owned spirits companies are widespread. Sanjay Dutt is the most recent star to join the ranks of booze brand owners. After launching The Glenwalk, a Scotch whisky, it has gone to winning gold at the ProWines Spirits Challenge.

Sanjay Dutt’s Scotch Whisky Brand


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This year’s ProWine Mumbai, India’s largest event for the wine, spirits, craft drinks, and hospitality industries, took place in November. The ProWine Spirits Challenge gave all spirit brands and talented bartenders the opportunity to put their best foot forward. The trade expo is part of the worldwide renowned ProWein World and is organised in collaboration with Messe Düsseldorf India and All Things Nice. The Challenge was open to all premium spirit categories, including whiskies, vodkas, gins, rums, and agave.

The actor has invested in the alcobev firm Cartel & Bros and launched The Glenwalk, a Scotch whisky. On the occasion, the brand was awarded gold.

The brand operates from a Scottish distillery to produce and bottle, The Glenwalk. The Glenwalk is made and bottled in Scotland with Scottish water, unlike other Scotch whiskies in India, where the alcohol comes from Scotland at a higher ABV and is then bottled in India with Indian water. This ensures a true Scotch flavour. The Glenwalk has 85% grain and 15% malt.

Much like the whisky’s advertising, the packaging promotes the story of a more premium brand and taste experience that is meant to inspire the buyer.

On the nose, there is a slight sweetness, which is typical of Highland whiskies. It has a 40% ABV. The hue is a dark-deeper brown. With a good swirl, you get the fruity sweetness, a hint of caramel, and the peppery character. There’s also a smoky aroma that’s not overpowering, but you definitely notice it when the spirit is in your mouth. It also has a lingering finish that lingers on your tongue with a slightly buttery feel.

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India’s Affinity For Scotch Whisky

Japanese Whiskies In IndiaScotch sales in India nearly doubled in the last two years, driven by increased consumption among millennial drinkers as well as a burgeoning middle class that progressively converted to the more expensive whisky. According to the most recent data from global alcohol market researchers IWSR collected from industry executives, the Scotch whisky market would grow 33% year on year to 7.5 million cases (of nine litres each) in 2022. This new generation is riding the premiumisation trend in India, with Scotch whisky leading the pack.

Due to rising economic levels, expensive whisky is becoming a popular choice among millennials. Its versatility as a cocktail mix, as well as its ease of availability through restaurants, are major factors in its rising popularity. The industry has come a long way, carving a distinct identity in the global whisky landscape.

The future of Scotch whisky in India looks promising, with distillers continuously pushing boundaries and experimenting with new flavours. As consumer preferences evolve, the industry is likely to witness the emergence of more premium and artisanal expressions.

So, have you tasted Sanjay Dutt’s scotch whisky?

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