Sardar Patel Stadium In Gujarat Touted To Be The World’s Largest Cricket Stadium

by Sanjana Shenoy
Sardar Patel Stadium In Gujarat Touted To Be The World’s Largest Cricket Stadium

Cricket fans all over the world will now say Kem Chho as Gujarat’s Sardar Patel Stadium is all set to be the largest cricket stadium in the world. This stadium is also known as Motera Cricket stadium which will have a capacity of 1,10,000 people. The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump will be inaugurating this stadium on 24th February as per reports. Just like the tallest statue in the world, the Statue of Unity, the Motera Cricket Stadium, now Sardar Patel Stadium, is another tribute to India’s first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Bijal Patel

The BCCI tweeted the pictures of the Sardar Patel Stadium. Sourav Ganguly, the President of BCCI replied to the tweet that he felt nostalgic about the stadium as he had played and captained there before.

What’s In It?

This massive stadium is located in Ahmedabad and will not only be a world-class cricketing landmark but will also be built to encourage sports like basketball, football, boxing, hockey, squash, billiards, badminton, swimming and lawn tennis. The Sardar Patel Stadium has a seating capacity of 1,10,000 which is larger than that of the Melbourne Cricket Stadium. Bijal Patel, Ahmedabad mayor along with the team of Ahmedabad Corporation visited the Sardar Patel Stadium.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Bijal Patel

It will have world-class facilities like separate team meeting rooms, 4 dressing rooms, 3 practice grounds, indoor cricket academy and even an Olympic size swimming pool to name a few. It’s built on 63 acres and is said to cost ₹700 crores. The parking lot can itself accommodate 4000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.

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What’s More?

Apart from these amazing facilties, the Sardar Patel Stadium will have a unique seating structure to ensure that every person inside the stadium can get a clear view of the sport that is being played. And that’s not all! LED lights will be installed in a stadium for the very first time. There will also distinct arrangements for entry and exit at the stadium along with 75 corporate boxes being built. The stadium is built near a metro line, so people can choose to travel by public transport instead of getting their personal vehicles. Gujarat will now have the largest cricket stadium and the tallest statue in the world, both dedicated to a Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel, an ordinary man who has made extraordinary contributions to the nation. Did you know Statue Of Unity Makes Its Way To The List Of 8 Wonders Of SCO?